Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And the Green Grass Grew all Around all Around

Gordon Lee loves to be outside.  Who wouldn't with this fabulous weather we have had recently? This weekend, I was up at my parents' house, and they just so happen to have a glass door that attracted one pint-sized explorer immediately.

He walked his hands up the door until he was standing to peer outside.  Thankfully, my mother said she did not mind since she could just wash off slobber and finger prints with glass cleaner.

He not only enjoyed watching people and animals outside, but he liked being out there too.  So, making sure we stayed away from wherever the dog chose to eliminate, we let him play in a portion of the yard.  He loved it! His favorite pastime is pulling up grass and throwing it (thankfully, he didn't try eating it).  But what was even more amusing was what he did on one particular day that I took him out there!

He was getting a little restless indoors.  And since the weather was so pleasant outside, I took him out in the grass.  Immediately, he struck a pose! I couldn't believe it and I thought it was so funny I had to get pictures.  So, I dashed in the house to grab a camera.  

When I got back out there (which was just a matter of seconds), he was still holding the pose.  And I think OshKosh should look for a new baby model.  He clearly possesses confidence and poise. ;)

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  1. He sure is the new outdoorsy baby model!! He's a natural.