Friday, May 27, 2011


I don't know what it is about sunlight, but its capacity to rejuvenate is undeniable.  I know there are people who prefer overcast weather, and that is part of the world's diversity.  However, most people thrive on sunlight more than on cloudy days.  It has actually been proven that people who live in areas where it rains a lot tend to get depressed more than people who live in places with adequate sunshine.

Anyway, that is beside my point.  I am now on day #4 of official summer vacation for me.  So, I have plenty of time on my hands to do almost anything I want to do.  I was planning on getting a lot of cleaning done this week.  And, although I have made good progress, I thought I would have more done by now than I do.  But I have to say that the sunshine and my willingness to let it in has a lot to do with that.

Yesterday, we had thunderstorms at 4 o'clock.  So, there wasn't much I could do it about it then.  But I have found that if I do the simplest thing as opening the blinds, I can't help but get things done! I first noticed this correlation back at our other house.  It would be a Saturday and I would initially feel happy just to sit on the couch watching husband opened the door.  When he opened the door and let the sun in, I couldn't just sit there and watch TV.  I felt the need to get up and get things done.

Today, I was sitting down finishing my breakfast and not at all feeling like cleaning things.  At which point, I made the decision to go around the house and open all of the blinds.  Instantly, I was motivated to clean up and organize.  We had several boxes sitting around in our kitchen that I had been wanting to clean up and get out of the way. But I knew I would have to go through them and I didn't want to.  Yet, with the energizing sunlight pouring in through the windows, it felt like it was no problem at all.  And now I'm happy to say our kitchen is free of clutter and boxes! YES! Again, I wish I could take a picture but I don't have a camera.  So, you'll have to take my word for it.

I've done laundry, given my filthy dogs a bath, and spent most of the morning just getting things done! It's amazing what a little sunlight can do! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Feel Like a Weeble

Or Humpty Dumpty or some other rotund character that probably could not walk a straight line if they tried...

Every time I get up to walk, I now waddle.  I had plenty of people point that out to me on Monday. "Hey, you're waddling!" Why, yes I am, and I wish I wasn't! It is hard to walk without waddling when you are toting around a 4-5 pound baby plus fluids.  Let's just hope I stay in keeping with the weeble and only wabble but not fall down! My entire movements are now controlled by my baby bump.
This was the baby bump at about 27 weeks.
THIS is the baby bump somewhere between 30-31 weeks! I am now almost 33 weeks according to my original due date and I certainly feel it!

The nursery is coming together and I would LOVE to take pictures of it.  But my husband has the camera at work now and has forgotten to bring it home despite reminders.  Oh well! Pictures of the nursery can wait.  Besides, I have a few more things I need to add to it anyway before it is completely finished.  

I am now on summer vacation for good! Yesterday was my first full day off and I spent most of it sleeping.  I am not ashamed of that at all! I was tired and I needed rest.  Friday was the last day with the students, and Monday was a very short teacher work day. I was home by about 1.  But it is hot here and I was sapped of my energy.  It got up to 95 degrees yesterday! 

On Monday, they had a little baby shower for me at work and I got some nice little things for Gordon Lee.  I got a headrest, which is something I was really wanting and nobody had gotten for me yet! I am SO glad to have it! I also got some bath supplies such as baby shampoo, bath toys, lotions, etc.  Very nice! Plus, a few people went in together and got me a Target gift card! Wonderful! I plan to go to Target soon (probably today) and pick up a few things I still need! 

Now, for a few things that I would like to put out there as I have been experiencing them recently.  Most people I know who read this blog wouldn't do this, but maybe a random stranger will find it who could benefit from it. 

Just because somebody is pregnant does NOT mean you can say whatever you please to them.  I am shocked at the things people say to me because I always thought people were more considerate of pregnant women (which many are), but the further along I am the more random people say things to me.

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman (based on my personal experiences):

1.) (this only applies to those pregnant in the summer) You are going to be miserable in this heat! 
Ummm...thank you? I wish you well too!
2.) When are you due? Wow, that long? You still have a ways to go!
Thank you for reminding me that pregnancy lasts a long time!
3.) Are you sure you aren't having twins? It must be a big baby then.
What are you trying to insinuate? Would you like to go ahead and just call me fat? Last time I was measured, I was measuring the right size for my due date...thank YOU! 
4.) I don't know how you're going to make it to your due date. (This one is often said in reference to me having to go through the summer pregnant)
So, what are you saying? I am going to die before the baby gets here?

Now, there are plenty of nice things people have said to me as well! I am very appreciative of the considerate comments people make. I am just shocked at some of the things people will say to you. 

And I have found that the further along I am the more likely people are to come up and say whatever they please to me.

Anyway, at this point in time, I am now less than 2 months from my due date no matter which due date I go by! Come on July!