Thursday, March 31, 2011

24 weeks

Sunday morning, I was sitting down when I noticed my stomach jumping.  It looked like there was a little frog inside trying to hop out! I got so excited to see the baby from the outside.  It was such a neat thing. :) I tried to get it on camera, but he wouldn't do it for the camera! Since then, he seems to have turned to face my back. I've been getting some good strong movements that I can feel in my back.  So, I think that's why I haven't seen anything from the front any more this week.  It was still such a great thing to experience, though.

Tomorrow, I'll be 24 weeks pregnant (according to the baby's size based on ultrasounds), and that is when they consider the pregnancy viable meaning the baby has a chance of surviving outside of the womb. HOWEVER, we want him to cook for quite awhile longer.  As much as I'd love to meet him, he needs to stay in there until at least 37 weeks.

My original due date was July 14th, but I've had 4 ultrasounds and each one has given me the same due date of July 22nd.  If I go by my first due date, I'm officially 25 weeks pregnant today.  If I go by the 2nd one, I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow.  For now, I'm going by the 2nd one.  I'd rather expect the baby later and not be surprised if he isn't here by July 14th than expect him then and wonder if he's ever going to come.  I don't know if that makes sense to anybody else, but it does to me!

I had a doctor appointment today.  I was originally going to have an ultrasound, but things were kind of crazy when I got there.  They considered me a walk-in patient even though I scheduled my appointment a week ago.  This is the crazy part of the army healthcare here.  Doctors rotate, so it wasn't my doctor's day to be in the office.  Yet, she scheduled an appointment with me anyway because it was time for my 24 week appointment.  So, since she wasn't scheduled to be on the hall, that made me a walk-in patient.  That's probably why they didn't have the ultrasound equipment ready.

But it didn't really matter that much.  I didn't NEED an ultrasound.  We were just going to do one because I hadn't been feeling regular movements.  That has all changed in just one week! Little Gordon Lee must have had a growth spurt! I still did hear his sweet heart beating away at between 145-150 bpm! I did measure 25 weeks pregnant according to my fundal height.  So, everything looks good.

I can feel the baby all the time now.  It's like any time he moves I can feel him.  The doctor said she could feel for the position of the baby, and she said he is diagonal.  She isn't sure where his head and feet are because he is so small, but she can tell he is diagonal going from the top left of my uterus to the bottom right.

My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball! The baby is still a papaya! lol We won't change fruit for one more week! Growth in length does seem to slow quite a bit from now until the end of the pregnancy.  But he still has pounds to pack on in fat.

That's really all for now! Here's an (almost) 24 week belly picture.  I cut my head off because I don't like how my face looks from this angle.