Thursday, July 7, 2011

Locked & Loaded

Right now, the baby's head is fully engaged for birth.  He can't get any further down without me dilating fully for him to come out! I won't lie.  It REALLY hurts.  Walking and standing are very painful, and I am definitely ready for him to get here.  I read that he can be like this for weeks, but I am REALLY hoping he doesn't take that long.

On Tuesday, I had my 39 week appointment. My doctor told me that, due to his position, the fact that I've dilated 1 cm since last week, and my waters feeling like they are about to burst, she didn't think it would be more than 2 days before I go into labor.   She said she'd be REALLY shocked to see me on Monday at my next appointment.  However, she was surprised that I had made it to the current appointment.

Anyway, it's now 2 days since then and there's definitely change going on.  I've been progressing some.  But I'm still not in active labor.  I feel it coming and every day I have more of the signs that labor is very near.  It's just that we don't know how near yet.  I've had random contractions, but nothing leading to labor.  So, I'm still waiting.  Throughout the night last night and into this morning, I seem to be experiencing 1 contraction an hour.  I do hope this ends up leading to something.  But I've had a few false starts, so I don't want to get too excited.  I would never have known that labor can actually start and stop until I have experienced it myself.  All I need to be concerned about is it starting and then getting into active labor. It will happen in its own time and I am not doing anything to try to hurry it up.

My body is stubborn anyway and likes to do things its own way.  So, I'm sure if I tried to tamper with labor, my body would do something crazy.  Besides, God made us so that we can go into labor and everything work just right.

As of today, I am exactly 1 week from my due date! I still have a feeling that he's coming on July 10th.  But I won't complain if I go into labor today. ;)