Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bouncing Baby

Since I've made it this far in the pregnancy, I want to make a statement I think I can safely make at this point.  Forgive me if I have said this before (some part of me thinks I have written it in another blog).  However, I can't find it and I feel the need to say it (again, if necessary).

At the beginning of the pregnancy when I was excited about baby's movements, many people said that it will get to the point where it won't be so exciting anymore.  It will hurt so much that I'd not look forward to the movements.  Well, I can confidently say that I STILL LOVE IT WHEN HE MOVES! :) Yes, I do groan every now and then and prefer he take his feet out of my rib cage.  But I still feel the same amount of joy when he moves now as I did before.  I feel connected to him and I love to know he is happy and healthy in there by his movements.

With that said, as each day passes, I am progressively getting more ready for him to get here.  I just can't wait to hold him in my arms.  And I will also look forward to not having a sore back.  There's no telling when he'll get here.  I've had little signs here and there, but those could go on for weeks, days, etc.  He'll get here in God's time. 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

38 Weeks

Today, I am 38 weeks pregnant.  Based on how I feel, I'm thinking he isn't going to end up being a June baby. ;) Some people have been making their predictions on his birthday.

My sister-in-law predicted July 4th.  Then, without knowing her prediction, Lee said the same date.  My personal guess is July 10th (I have no idea why).  If anyone wants to guess, put it in! It would be fun to see who is right!

As of tomorrow, he is full term no matter which due date I go by.  However, after having seen him on an ultrasound recently, he is pretty big.  So, I think the 14th of July is starting to look more accurate.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not Too Much Longer Now

I had my 38 week OB appointment today only to discover that I am in labor.  Technically, I'm in slow labor and about 25% there.  That's 25% of the way I need to be before pushing.  I will spare the general public of the exact details (dilation, effacement, etc.).  But, for those who want to know, you can message me and I'll tell you.

The doctor said I've progressed further than most women at this stage.  So, he could come tomorrow or in 2 weeks. There is just no knowing.

I did have a few contractions yesterday.  However, I had about 3 the whole day.  They were VERY spread out.  This can also go on for quite some time.  It's still promising though.  And I was definitely surprised to discover I'd come as far as I had.

Tonight, I've been having some cramping in my lower back and on and off cramping all over.  Contractions and active labor could be soon! There's no way to know until it happens!

In the event that he does come sooner rather than later, I'll provide some stats.  He is now the size of a watermelon.  Granted, watermelon sizes vary quite a lot.  But that is the last fruit.  And his heart rate is a healthy 140 bpm!

So now it's just a guessing game of whether we'll have a June bug or a July baby! ;)