Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bubble Wrap Painting! A perfect project for toddlers

I saw a great idea the other day for using bubble wrap to paint. I had never even thought of this on my own. However, when I saw it, I then googled it some more and saw what pretty prints bubble wrap can make when used to paint.  This week, we are talking to our toddlers about things we can touch and exploring different textures. So, I thought it would be a great idea for them.

The project is so simple to prepare and so easy for toddlers to do. First, you simply cut bubble wrap into small squares (probably about 5 inches X 5 inches or so). I did not measure it. I just eyeballed it. Then, form it into a ball with the bubbles facing the outside and tape it up.

It is small and easy for a toddler to hold.  Then, you can really use anything nontoxic for paint.  You can make your own edible finger paints; I was fortunate to have enough (safe for toddlers) paint at my disposal.  

Put a small amount in a shallow dish or on a cup. Give the child the bubble wrap ball and allow him/her to dip it in the paint and then press it on the paper.

I had to show Gordon Lee to put it on the paper as his first instinct was to put it in his mouth. However, he had just eaten and found it much more fun to make "bubbles" on his paper.

Gordon Lee had a blast with it and did not want to stop. Here is his final product (complete with a handprint so we know it is his).