Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Kicks

We went out of town for the last week to visit our families, so I didn't post any blogs.  But I sure do have a lot to post now that I'm back! :) I will probably be making a post every day because I have so much to write about.  I am still waiting on some photos before I can post about my 2 baby showers I had over the break (which were both wonderful).  That will come later this week.

For now, I can report that his movements are getting much easier for me to see and feel.  He was very active during the vacation, and I tried to give my mother-in-law the chance to feel his kicks.  But the little stinker wouldn't kick when she put her hand on my belly.  He did kick once, but on the part of my belly where she didn't have her hand.  She did say she felt it a little bit though.  There was one day when he was very active while I was at my parents' house.  So, I sat by my mother and had her feel.  He kicked quite a few times, but I'd get excited and say "Feel that?" So she couldn't tell if she was feeling anything.

What I have tried to do now is capture it on video.  It is so much easier to see in person, but I did manage to capture 2 kicks (or whatever they are) on camera.  I'll post the video here, and I've labeled when the kicks are coming.  It may be hard (or nearly impossible) to see them, but the first one is stronger than the second one.  You might be able to see them!