Friday, March 4, 2011


Wave the baby flag! This pregnancy race is now halfway done for me! I am 20 weeks pregnant today, which works out to be halfway from 40 weeks.  Granted, this would make me 5 months meaning there are 4 months to go.

Also, part of these 20 weeks consists of time when I didn't even know I was pregnant.  So the next "half" might feel quite a bit longer than this one. :) But, still, it feels good to be able to say I'm halfway there.  

Right now, little Gordon Lee has grown exponentially from the time when we began.  Back at the beginning, he was the size of an appleseed and now here we are.  And you will not believe what fruit he has been compared to this week.

A cantaloupe! Here we are at 20 weeks, and he is the size of a cantaloupe. He may be a small cantaloupe right now until the end of this week (because I think the fruit sizes on my ticker represent the end of the week).  He has still grown a lot and should be at least 10 inches from head to toe! 

The miracle of life does not cease to amaze me.  I don't do very much except try to be careful of what I eat and drink for his health.  But my body is the perfect incubator for him! This experience reminds me of just how much God is in control; he created this life from the beginning and has sustained it thus far.  Here I am not really knowing exactly what is going on in there.  Yet, God knows! He knows exactly what those tiny fingers and toes are doing right now.  He knows just how to form this life in every way, and it is remarkable. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kicks and Heartbeats

I had my 20 week OB appointment yesterday.  Although I'm considering myself 19+5 today, it was still close enough. :) So, some of the good news is that baby's heartbeat was strong and healthy at 154 BPM.  This appointment was at 4 p.m. which is around his active time.  So, it makes sense that his heartbeat would be faster then.  I absolutely LOVE hearing his heartbeat! It is music to my ears! 

For the first time, she measured my fundal height.  This is the measurement in centimeters from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus.  It should correlate roughly to how many weeks you are.  Mine was 20 cm exactly.  So, that was good! 

Many times, when I have an ultrasound, they will tell me some of the main things and leave out others that they type up in a report to the doctor.  Well, one of those things that I just found out yesterday was that I have an anterior placenta.  All that means is that the placenta is in the front of my uterus.  And also because of the location of it, makes me pop out more! ;) It also explains why I feel baby sometimes and not as much at others.  When he is moving in an area not covered by the placenta, I can feel him easily.  But when he is directly behind the placenta, the movements are subtle.  However, the further along I am, the more I can feel him.  

I am not sure if I am feeling kicks or what.  Yet, I don't know if I'll ever be quite sure.  It baffles me how you would know whether it is a kick as opposed to a punch, elbow jab, head-butt, or some other quick, sharp movement.  I guess I'll find out as I go.

There isn't much else to report just yet. I'm just glad my baby is doing well!