Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Little Side-by-Side

Soon after my little one was born, I was told my mother was excitedly bustling about the house gathering up my baby pictures.  She gleefully compared each one to pictures she had seen of her grandson.  Then, while she was visiting, she kept saying she felt like she was holding her own baby all over again because she felt he resembled me so much.  While I will admit that his feet are almost a direct copy of mine, I see other people in him.  And I told my mother that I feel each side of the family will probably see their own family members in him when they look at him.  So, I wasn't convinced she was really correct in saying he looked so much like me.

Well, still feeling strongly about this, she decided to send me some pictures of myself and even told me to compare one picture in particular to one of his baseball pictures we took. I do think my mother must have a fascination in comparing my appearance to males.  Growing up, she would tell me I looked like my grandfather to which I would adamantly retort, "I do not!" Now, she has chosen yet another male to illustrate how I look. Hmmmm....thanks! (just kidding only).

Even though I actually see a strong resemblance to my mother-in-law when I look at him (I'd love to compare those baby photos), there is no denying that he does look like me to some extent.  I'm not sure about the older baby photos, but I do see similarities in the newborn photos (granted, many newborns look alike).  I figured I would post some side-by-side photos here for you to compare.   My mother is convinced, but I say the jury is still out.

Newborn photo showdown

Me (again)

For some baby photos now
2 of me

(The top picture is the one for the comparison to the baseball photo)
and now vs 
Two pictures of him (as close of a pose as I can find)

I see clear differences in these..such as...oh say...the amount of hair! haha Also, I don't think he has my eyes and I think his face is rounder.  But there you go! Maybe he does resemble me.  Who knows?

And as an added bonus

Apparently, sometime during my childhood, I got hold of the first newborn picture that I posted.  And, feeling the need to make sure everyone knew who that lovable baby was, I wrote my name on the back.  Not only that, but I took extra care to scratch through my name written in my mother's handwriting-clearly kindergarten print is much superior.  And I also had to ensure that everyone knew that I was Rebecca not to be mistaken with my sister Megan as illustrated with the crossing out of her name.  My teachers would still confuse us anyway..oh darn!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Jericho!

When we moved into our new house a few months ago, I had briefly seen one of our neighbor outside long enough to notice that she was pregnant also! We took a couple of days to actually move in.  So, our stuff was here while we were staying at the other house.  And, by the time we were settled in here, I didn't see her come out of her house again.

I just assumed that one of two things happened.  1.) She had her baby 2.) She was on bed rest.  Since I thought it was one of those two things and she was probably busy, I didn't go over to introduce myself.

Well, fast forward to July.  My mother was here shortly after the birth of little Gordon Lee.  And this was during the time when we were going through all of the mess with the jaundice.  It was the day after we had just come home from the hospital and my mother was diligently taking the baby outside to get him sunlight in order to bring those bilirubin levels down some more.  While she was outside walking with him, she came across two other people close to her age next door who struck up a conversation with her (or her with them--I'm not sure how it began).  

They said, "Oh you have a new baby too!" And my mother said something along the lines of, "Yes, he was just born on July 8th." To which they responded, "J's baby was born on July 8th too!"  The people she was speaking with were actually the other baby's great grandparents.  They invited my mom to come inside to meet baby Jericho born on the same day as Gordon Lee! Jericho was born on July 8th at around 11 am.  And our baby was born 12 hours later!

The lucky duck that she is, my neighbor was only in labor for 1 and 1/2 hours! Granted, she already has a little girl who is almost 2.  But still! I'm jealous of her labor.  I was waiting to write this blog until I had a picture of the two of them together.  They've been over here and I've been over there.  However, with the craziness of having small babies, we haven't been able to get a picture of both of them.

It's really great though that little Gordon Lee has a friend next door who has his exact same birthday! I can't even believe it!