Thursday, April 5, 2012


Over the weekend, Gordon Lee and I had the opportunity to meet his 2nd cousin, T.  Gordon Lee and T. are my grandmother's only great-grandchildren.  They are roughly 2 months apart in age.  T. is an absolute cutie!  He is very expressive and I love to hear him babble. Gordon Lee has only had a few experiences with other babies, so it was interesting to see how he would interact with his cousin.  

They shared a few toys.
It was cute when they would both babble at the same time or one after another.  Gordon Lee has a thing with the table pictured where he makes laps around it counter-clockwise until he is tired of playing with it.  Well, he didn't seem to mind that T. was standing right there and would try to plow through him to continue his laps around the table.  T. stuck up for himself and expressed his displeasure with this behavior.  I also tried to show Gordon Lee that pushing past another baby is not appropriate behavior (I doubt he understands yet).

There was a little minor competition over toys.  Sometimes one of them would want what the other was playing with.
In this picture, G. Lee had discovered a travel-sized unopened bottle of mouthwash that was suddenly the coolest "toy" in the room! Oh the things babies enjoy playing with!

There was one instance when the two boys were playing outside on a blanket in the lawn that I thought was sweet.  T. was getting a little upset and started fussing some.  G. Lee became a little concerned about him and went over to him to see what was going on.  

The next day after the two boys met, we took them to see their great-grandmother.  This was especially important for T. because he had not met her yet.  When we arrived, the nurses at the home thought they were twins.  And I thought to myself, "How in the world would you think these boys are twins? They look nothing alike and G. Lee is quite a bit bigger than T."  But after my mother sent me a couple of pictures of everyone together, I discovered why they may have thought the babies were twins.
We had not planned it out at all; however, we had dressed both boys in horizontal-striped tops with blue and black.  And they were both wearing jeans.  For some reason, G. Lee decided to put his hand on T.'s shoulder for one of our group pictures! I think with the babies and grandma, it was impossible to get everyone looking at the camera.  But we tried!

As for little T.? He was thrilled to meet his great-grandmother!
That sweet little smile is just irresistible! What a cutie!

I was definitely happy to see my cousin again and meet her sweet little boy! And I am glad Gordon Lee got to meet his cousin!

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  1. Such a fun visit for all of us. I'm glad the boys' outfits kind of match, even though it wasn't planned.