Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yells and Whistles

Disclaimer- I haven't blogged in like week.  So this blog is pretty long with updates on G Lee! :)

Gordon Lee is now a little over 8 and 1/2 months old.  We went to the doctor last week for his 6 month well-baby check up.  Yes, it was delayed. Ha! Moving and then quite a few other events occurring over the past few months ended up pushing back the doctor's appointment.

He decided to try to entertain everyone in the waiting room by blowing raspberries.  And we subsequently had people moving away from us not wanting to get sprayed.  They still seemed to find him entertaining more than annoying.  I'm glad about that because I don't know how to stop him from doing things like that, and I actually prefer it over crying.

Anyway, he weighed in at about 22 pounds and basically 30 inches long.  He was something like 29.9 inches.  He is in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. Yes, that is 90th percentile for his age (not a 6 month old).  He is in great health and very sociable.

He has never really been too particular about who holds him, but he starting to change ever so slightly with that.  He will still let people hold him, but if somebody new reaches out to hold him, he will kind of hang back to me until I "encourage" him to go.  Then, he will gladly reach out.  I guess he wants to make sure whoever it is is okay.  

He has also established another rule--one of these days we will have to explain what a double-standard is.  When he is in a room with people, he doesn't like anyone to walk out and leave.  He will crawl out as fast as he can wherever that person went.  HOWEVER, if he feels like leaving, he will gladly try to wander off.  Mmmmhmmmm

He is still not really walking yet aside from taking a few steps here and there.  But I think it is more of a confidence thing.  I have noticed that he will stand perfectly fine on his own with no problem, but as soon as he realizes he is doing it, it's as if he says "oh wait, I can't do this" and just sits down.  He took several steps yesterday as if he has been walking his whole life, but it was almost as if he did it subconsciously! Because he sort of paused in the middle of it and dropped down to a crawl.

His biggest fascination is faces.  He loves to look at faces and grab people's noses.  He also likes to put his hand on your mouth when you're talking and feel the movement of your mouth (sort of like Helen Keller!). 

Gordon Lee does not like to wear shoes. But with his recent attempts at walking for the past month or so, I get increasingly nervous he might step on something and hurt his foot (basically when we are outside).  So, my mom actually found a pair of shoes that are less restrictive.  Babies who do not usually enjoy wearing shoes apparently love them.  They are called Skidders.  Well Gordon Lee does love them! But he likes to put them in his mouth and carry them around in his mouth like a dog.  Now that he has worn them outside, I have to keep them well-hidden.
Another new development has been his attempt at working remote controls.  We allow him to play with 2 that have the batteries removed.  One is an xbox controller and the other is just an additional remote to the television.  He has been very interested in remotes for quite some time now, which is why we went ahead and gave him 2 as toys.  We were tired of his incessant attempt at grabbing the ones that actually work! Well more recently, he has been using them the way he sees us use them! He takes his remote control and will point at the TV and push buttons.  When my husband is playing a game on the xbox, he picks up his controller and pushes the buttons like he is trying to play along! I don't have any pictures of this yet, but it is just adorable!

Gordon Lee is also a talker.  He babbles on and on pretty much all the time.  When he is especially in a good mood, he will make cute high-pitched noises.  They just don't get old for me! I love hearing it every time!
Just two days ago, we were all in the living room, when Lee and I heard a whistling sound.  It sounded just like the wind when it whistles; however, there was no wind blowing on that day.  We looked at each other and I noticed Gordon Lee's lips were pursed in a whistle shape and he was whistling! He would sometimes be able to get a whistle out and sometimes not, but he kept trying.  Then, my husband went to him, started whistling, and he started mimicking! Sometimes he mimicked just in shaping his mouth the same way but he'd also get a whistle out! It was so much fun.  Lee and I do whistle a lot just because and I think he's picked up on it.  I tried to capture him doing it yesterday.  He did do it quite a few times, but as soon as I'd try to record it, he would quit.  I got one video of him putting his mouth in the whistle shape but he soon got distracted by a car going by outside.
Speaking of cars going by outside, he loves to go for walks! I've been trying to get him out on a walk every day that the weather is favorable.  Thankfully, it has cooled off a lot this week and we are able to get out more.  He likes to look at everything and he especially loves his little steering wheel on the jogging stroller.

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  1. He is a fun-loving little guy and soooooo smart. I love the pictures and the videos. Have a great day!!