Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Motor Mouth

I am having one of those mornings where I have woken up early for no apparent reason (the baby is sleeping and has been since 9:30 PM), and I can’t seem to go back to sleep. I also had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night and felt restless all night long.  I will probably being taking a nap today. :-)

I am also slightly perturbed this morning.  Before giving up Facebook for Lent, I deliberately took all measures to keep it and any temptation of logging onto it out of my way.  I turned off ALL e-mail notifications.  I made sure to log off of it from my computer AND my phone.  So far, this has been working great….until…this morning! I was checking my e-mail via my phone and saw an e-mail that looked like it was from some kind of message board.  I wasn’t sure what it was or where it was from.  I thought some of my friends started a forum somewhere based on the info.  So, I clicked the link and BAM! I was logged onto Facebook? WHAT? HOW? I didn’t even put in my log in information. So, I’m thinking one of two things happened.
A.)  Somebody hacked my account (which is doubtful because I have an extremely secure password and I am the only one who has had my phone)
B.)  Facebook has now made it possible to automatically be logged on when you click on a link to it in your e-mail...I am thinking maybe just with phones, though..still not sure.
So, I was pretty agitated by that.  I did not use it to read or look at anything and promptly logged off. I did not break my Lent…just in case anybody was up at 6 AM and noticed me on there for like the 2 minutes it took for me to get off of there. lol

Anyway, since I happen to be awake this morning and not currently having to stay on top of little chubby cheeks, I figured I might as well share the plethora of pictures and videos that have accumulated since my last blog post.

 He is not upset in this picture.  He just found it funny to make this face one day and I had to take a picture.  I call it his "kung fu" face.
 Cruising the furniture

 "Can I play with that baby in the camera? He looks like fun!"

 Proudly disobeying me.  I said, "No sir" and he looked at me with that mischievous little grin.
He is again fascinated to see himself in the camera.

Now for a couple of videos...
This first video is the reason for my blog title.  He has been enjoying going around all day long making raspberry noises.  I call it his "motor" that he has running while he plays.  It really sounds like he is trying to pretend he is a machine or car on the go.
This next video is pretty much a continuation of the last one.  He just started making cute sounds in addition to his motor.
He has been working on language a lot recently--practicing different things he can try to say.  He is very comfortable with "mama" now and uses it quite often. He started using it in reference to either myself or my husband.  I am guessing he did this because he realized the term applied to an adult and he can't figure out how to say "dada" yet.  Now, however, "Mama" has become more of a command.  He will come to me and say "mama" when he wants something from me.  He doesn't necessarily want Mama so much as he wants Mama to do something for him.  Here is a video of him commanding "Mama" because he is trying to get in my lap....not to sit there, though, but rather he is interested in climbing me in an attempt to get up on the couch.


  1. He is just so cute Becca! Really enjoy watching him grow up and seeing his sweet personality developing. What a blessing :-)


  2. Thanks Darlene! :) I am happy you like the pictures and videos! I also went by your blog the other day. I love your finished quilt. I wish I could be in that raffle. :)