Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas "Candy"

Today, I am going to share yet another Christmas memory.  I had become accustomed to my dad bringing home interesting gifts for us any time he went on a business trip.  He had just returned from a business trip when I entered the kitchen and eyed a delicious-looking Christmas candy sitting on the countertop!

It looked like a big, soft peppermint with little chocolate streaks in it.  I picked it up and it smelled so delicious! The peppermint filled my senses and I was ready to partake of this new deliciousness! I wasn't sure if he brought it home for me or not, but I didn't care at that point.  I was so fixated on trying this new candy that I had never seen before!

I excitedly unwrapped it, disposed of the outer plastic wrap without looking, and took a nice BIG bite right into it! BLECH!  This is nasty! It tastes like wax! Simultanesouly, my mother enters the kitchen only to see me standing there with my mouth stuffed with a giant peppermint.  "WHAT are you doing?" She asks in complete shock. "Mama," I respond, "this candy tastes disgusting!" "That is not a candy! That is a candle!" I took it out of my mouth and turned it over to discover a wick on the other side.  Oh the humiliation!

"Well, I guess we have to burn it now," my mother said.  So, she placed it in a bowl with some water as it was a floating candle made to look like a peppermint candy.  My teeth marks remained in it as it melted away.

Moral of the story? Do NOT make candles disguised as candy...especially disguised as candy with chocolate in it! That's just a mean trick!

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