Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Blog 26

This week, baby is the size of two fruits! WOOHOO! One of these fruits happens to be my favorite...the pear! Basically, my countdown pregnancy book said that baby is 4 1/2 inches this week making him or her about the size of a pear.  However, my fruit ticker says baby is 5 inches and the size of a navel orange.  Either way, baby is somewhere in between there.

I actually got some fruit today, which included navel oranges and pears, and i found that they are honestly roughly the same size.  It all depends on the length of the stem of the pear! Ha!

I also think I'd much rather envision my child as a pear than an orange.  Imagine sticking a head, arms, and legs on that orange..I'd have a rather rotund child.

On another note, I had a funny dream last night.  I dreamt I gave birth to a boy.  He weighed 8 lbs and 11 oz. he was born at 11 o'clock (don't know if it was am or pm), and he had a full head of hair.  In my dream, I had apparently been so "drugged up" from the delivery, that I was knocked out for several days.  And I didn't see my child until he was a few days old.  Lee couldn't remember any of the details from the baby's birth.  So, I asked the baby and he told me how much he weighed and when he was born. lol It was pretty funny.  I also asked the baby "Do you recognize mommy's voice?" He responded, "Well, kind of, but it's not so muffled now." That dream made me laugh so much.  Oh the crazy dreams I've had during pregnancy!


  1. That's an awesome dream. 8 lb. 11 oz., and born at 11 o'clock. 11 - 11, that's a lucky number! Okay, eleven is my favorite number, but in numerology, its also known as a master number.

    Really, you can look it up!

    I hope you have many more wonderful dreams about the baby. A mom that is laughing is surely good for the little one.


  2. Cute dream. You must be dreaming close to the time you wake up to remember all the details.