Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Blog 25

I wasn't going to write on this because I'd be very embarrassed if it turned out to be nothing.  However, if it does turn out to be something, then I want it to be noted that I have "felt things" this week.  I'm not sure what the feeling is. It could be the baby moving.  It could be the uterus stretching.  I know only time will tell.  But I have been noticing that when I'm sitting pretty still, I feel pressure from inside pushing outwards.  I have been trying to research what it is.  Of course, the results are inconclusive.

Based on what I found, it could be braxton hicks contractions.  The only thing is that I really don't think that's it because the more I read about those, the less they sound like pressure.  The description is more of a mild cramping.  Another thing is that the feeling could be stretching and hardening of the uterus.  Also, the feeling could be the uterus moving up.  However, I have found that the feeling could also be the baby.  Many women have reported not ever getting the "butterflies" feeling.  Instead, they felt a pressure that turned into obvious kicks.  So, that's what it could be.  And yes I hope that's what it is.

One thing that I found in my research was women talking about the baby becoming "visible" at around 24 weeks.  I have no idea what this means.  I assume it means the baby being visible from the outside?  I have not been close enough to a pregnant stomach to know.  However, I can't help but laugh at the whole visible statement because I think "What? The baby was invisible before this?" Oh the terms of pregnancy land. ;)

On another note, I think that when my stomach gets big enough, I might want to turn it into a decorative artform.

Like this

No, that is not my stomach.  It is just a decorative bowl....

Or this
I just decided to stat carrying a fishbowl around in front of me...all of the time...


  1. You are definitely feeling stretching of your ligaments. I had the same feeling, since I am a nurse it kinda helped when something unexpected happened. Your body produces a hormone called relaxen when you are pregnant and it helps your body let all those muscles and ligaments start to stretch. Sometimes you will feel pulling, stretching, cramping, and all those lovely things. Just means your baby is growing healthy and your body is doing what it is suppose to! Around 17 weeks you will start to feel "butterflies" or what feels like bubbles and that is usually the baby moving... it is the most amazing thing to feel your baby move! I am excited for you!

  2. I do hope you feel the butterflies because it is just an amazing feeling that I wouldn't want you to miss.

    Braxton Hicks usually occur later and when they come, you'll probably wonder if "its time" lol. Pregnancy is indeed a strange land.

    So many firsts Rebecca. Enjoy them all hon!


  3. Thanks for the helpful information, Mindy! I'm excited for the 17 weeks to feel butterflies. :)