Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Blog 27

Guacamole anyone?

This week, the baby is the size of a large avocado! Neither of my tickers actually gives me a size in inches for baby this week.  So, I'm going to guess that the baby is 5 and 1/2 inches long.  

Here are a couple of other odd little facts from my Pregnancy Countdown book and my tickers.  Right now baby weighs a whopping 5 ounces! Yup! Still so tiny!  He or she has taste buds, and what I eat at this point will actually impact a lot.  The amniotic fluid will start to smell like the different things I eat.  What a wonderful thought gag.  But I can actually have an impact on the foods that my baby will like/tolerate based on what I eat now.  That's a really neat development to me.  

Baby is also now probably able to hear my voice as the bones in his or her ears are in place! My pregnancy countdown book suggested I start talking to baby.  I have tried it; yet, I'll admit that it feels kind of weird at this point.  It makes me feel more bonded to the baby, but it makes me wonder what the baby hears.  I imagine the baby being on Charlie Brown and only hearing "WA Waa Wa WA wa Wa."

I am 90% positive I started feeling quickening this past week! It's a pretty cool feeling.  It feels like a tickling or like little butterflies.  I think it is quickening because it is coming from the same place every time.  It lasts for a short while and then stops.  I have to be paying pretty close attention to notice it, though.  And other things such as feeling hungry or feeling like I need to go to the bathroom grab my attention so that I probably wouldn't notice if baby was moving then.

I'll be ready to feel regular obvious movements, but I'm going to have to have some patience for that one. :)


  1. How exciting to feel the baby move! The quickening was the most wonderful experience for me! Butterflies dancing as I called it. Enjoy! Even if the baby only hears Wah, long as its spoken with love, that's what will come across most.


  2. I liked the part about the Charlie Brown sounds. Also, the "gag" part was funny. Maybe the baby will love avacados or guacamole dip!

    Love you!!