Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Blog 28

I'm sure that everyone reading this blog is under the impression that my unborn child looks EXACTLY like an avocado (green skin and all).  However, I'm sorry to burst your bubble.  That he or she actually looks like a small human being. :) This is an image I came across while looking up what my baby looks like at 16 weeks pregnant.
This picture is supposed to represent what baby looks like, and it's pretty exciting for me.  

Last night, I felt my "stomach" "flip" out of nowhere.  I'm wondering if baby did a flip.

As of today, my stomach has become very hard, risen up higher, and sort of "popped" out.  I'm getting pretty excited! 
I cut off my head because I have to take a picture of my stomach with my computer and the only way to get it in without standing a mile away from it is just to get an up-close shot.  

There isn't a whole lot else to report.  Sometimes, I worry because I don't seem to be feeling anything.  But then I remind myself that it's still early to be feeling any regular movements.  It's very easy for baby to change positions.  So, the position of the baby will probably dictate how much I feel. 

I consider Tuesdays to be my 1/2 week point.  Since there are obviously an odd number of days in a week, I'd say 4 days into it is as close to halfway as I can get.  

Big ultrasound in T minus 9 days! 

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  1. Woo-hoo, so good to see my baby's baby bump:) It is amazing that you felt the baby flip. You'll have to sign him/her up for Little Gym right after birth as he/she is undoubtly well on his/her way to becoming an Olympic Athlete.
    Love You!