Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Blog 4

I got on my knees and prayed last night (I have not physically gotten on my knees to pray in quite some time).  I sent my anxiety and worry up to God; things began to calm down quite a bit.  It is one thing to realize that this baby is a gift from God; it is another thing to accept it.  Being able to say something and understand it doesn't mean I'm good at practicing it.  But God did wonders and lifted much of my troubles.

And every time I feel a worry is rising, I hear a still small voice of God saying "you know who is in control."  

As far as symptoms go, I could barely finish my oatmeal this morning.  I felt the need to throw it up.  Baby, you don't like oatmeal? Okay, fine.  Send me your menu, and I'll make a specialized order. 

Haha..just kidding... :)

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