Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Blog 3

The blood results are in aaaaannnndddd...

(drumroll please)

I'm for sure
Who'd a thunk it?

Baby bean is about a week old according to the blood results.  They took blood again today to make sure my HCG levels are rising properly.  I think they are, but I do hope that I find out a good result tomorrow from my blood work done today.

Little baby, I laid awake most of the night last night worrying about you.  Every little cramp I felt made me panic.  I didn't want to lose you, and I'm scared of that.  I was so nervous about what the blood test would say today.  So, I prayed because I was tired and not able to sleep.  I asked God to help me with my worries and anxieties.  I kept reminding myself that worrying wouldn't do any good or solve anything.

Then, God reminded me that you are really his baby.  You are his wonderful and miraculous creation that HE is in charge of.  I am only having you on loan for as long as he chooses to grant that to me.  And I will thank him for every precious minute given to me. 

I found out today, that you have a brain, nervous system, heartbeat, and an intestinal tract!  What a miracle!  Something so small is forming into an incredible, complex being.  How could anybody deny this is a real HUMAN LIFE with this knowledge? 

All I can do is continue to pray "thrive, little baby bean, thrive."

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