Friday, March 2, 2012

To the Kitchen and Beyond!!

Getting a decent picture of Gordon Lee hasn't been such an easy task recently.  This is the view I have of him most of the time.

He just wants to move move move all the time! That's good because it keeps me pretty active. :) But he has recently learned that he can venture beyond the living room, and that there all sorts of places in the house to explore.  Oh my! He particularly likes finding his way into the kitchen because of the cabinets that are at his level, but he also goes for the bathroom, dining room, stairs..basically anywhere that is not the living room.

Unless I can be very quick to snap a picture, he comes at me with full speed the instant he sees a camera.

On top of all of that, he is basically constantly "talking" now.  He loves making little high-pitched sounds as well as going "ba ba ba bbbbb" or "ma ma ma mmm" the majority of the time. 

Last night, he was making his way out of the living room toward the trash can when I proclaimed, "Gordon Lee, you cannot get into the trash can" to which he appropriately replied, "Uh huh." No joke.  We just erupted in laughter after that.  

There isn't a dull moment in our house now (unless it is nap time)!


  1. Such a fun time I had with this little guy!! I like your new blog look. It's definitely you!!

  2. Thank you! I definitely like my new blog layout also! It needed an update! We had fun with you too!

  3. "To infinity and beyond" - that is what keeps playing in my head now. LOL

    When my kids were little I put the tupperware in the lower cabinet and they could "help" me in the kitchen when I was cooking. Now I have the same thing for the grands.