Monday, March 5, 2012

Smile for the Camera

Here are a few pictures I have taken of Gordon Lee recently where I have managed to get him looking at the camera without yet trying to grab it. :)


  1. I have really missed your joyous posts and pics of little GL! There's so much crap on facebook that's depressing and maddening, so I always love when my home page has picture or post from your profile.

    I read your post that you would still be doing your blog - phew! I needed to see those baby blues and chubby cheeks!

    I'm so happy you're just eating up motherhood and willing to share your happiness with everyone.

    Hope you and your little family are doing well!

    Take care!

  2. Becca - he is so adorable and what a precious smile he has. I love reading your blog and watching the precious gift from God grow up!


  3. Awww, Tiffany, that is just so sweet of you! I am glad pictures of Gordon Lee bring joy to your life. We are all doing very great, he is just growing so fast!

    Thank you, Darlene! I melt every time I see that little smile. I am so glad you enjoy my blog. I love seeing your beautiful quilts!

  4. I don't think ~I know~ I will ever get tired of seeing ordon Lee's smiles and antics!

    1. Ooops, I meant to type Gordon not ordon:)