Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Excitement

In my blog about a robot or what I perceived to be one, I explained that my mother is creative.  There is a another story along the same lines.  I do not recall if this happened the same year as the other story or if it was a year before or after.  Either way, both stories were from Christmases close together.

My mother was exceedingly happy about gifts that she had gotten for both my sister and me.  She explained that we were getting the same thing, but that they looked a little different.  What she was most excited about was that this was something she had growing up and she just LOVED it! 

I, again, asked if the gift was colorful.  She said, "Yes, it is very colorful." Clearly, again, this had to be a good thing.  I'm not sure why I decided that colorful meant exciting; however, that was just how I thought.

There isn't as much build-up to this story (sorry) other than the fact that she was really excited about it.  I thought I was getting some cool sort of toy again.  Of course, it wasn't.  Instead, it was a robe....I won't lie.  I was pretty let down.  Granted, I did end up using it for a while.  And, yes, it was colorful.  She sent me some pictures so I can give proof this time.  You know you are jealous of that hair.  

I may have been SLIGHTLY more excited about my American Girl doll than that robe. ;) 

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