Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grandma Toe

I find it fascinating to see how many different people from both sides of our families have traits that show up in our little man.  As soon as he was born, I noticed that he had my father-in-law's ears! He sometimes looks like his Aunt Candice, sometimes like his Aunt Megan, sometimes like me, and sometimes like his daddy (naming only a few).

But one trait in particular that it is impossible to deny where he got it from is the way he holds his big toe.  He has been doing this since he was born, and there is only ONE other person I know who does mother!

Sitting with her feet up in a recliner chair, my mom subconsciously holds her big toe erect or facing her while the rest are facing down.  It looks incredibly uncomfortable.  And, when I try it with my toes, it is very uncomfortable! I don't know how she does it and it used to bother me because it looked like it would hurt so much.  I'd be afraid her toes were going to get stuck that way.  So I'd say, "Stop holding your toe like that."  "Huh?" She was unaware of it.  She'd then consciously relax her foot only for that toe to spring back up in its previous position when she stopped paying attention.

I think God planned for my son to have this trait because of all of the times I told my mother to stop holding her toe that way! Now, I can clearly see through him that it is just the way his (and her) feet are!  They can't help it.

My mother takes great delight in this shared trait, and she always finds the toe whenever she can! She was the one to spot it in this picture.  I hadn't even paid attention to it, and that foot is almost not even in the picture!

I am glad that she has a way in which she feels she can identify with her grandson even if it is just through a toe!

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