Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Birdie

Almost anybody who knows me knows that I love songbirds.  There are a few here and there that I don't enjoy.  But I absolutely love watching the friendly songbirds who make life pleasant.  I don't even care if the only other people who also enjoy this are older women.  I enjoy what I enjoy no matter what my age is.  I think what I love most about watching the birds is that you can see rare species not seen very often if you put out the right things and watch at the right times of the year.
Two vibrantly colored species I saw several times in Virginia were the Indigo Bunting and the Scarlet Tanager. It's the males that are covered in beautiful bold colors as females are brown to blend in with a nest.  However, they are still a glorious sight to see!
When I catch a glimpse of one of these birds I just sit and stare at the beauty of God's creation.  They are only these wonderful colors during the Spring and Summer time when the male must stand out to keep predators away from the nest.  They are also only in the United States for that period of time as they abide in Mexico and further south the rest of the year.

One bird that I am on the lookout for here now that I am in Georgia is the Painted Bunting.
This bird would be a fantastic one to see and its range does include Georgia.  I still have yet to see one though.

Anyway, now that I have laid the background information out as to why I am so intrigued by birds, I have to say how interesting it is to see TWO big comparisons between myself and a bird being pregnant.

1.) From a frontal view, the pregnant belly really can appear to be shaped like an egg!
        I was commenting to my husband the other day on what it might be like if I actually had to lay an egg instead of carry the baby around at all times.  
  • I certainly would have had to quit working right away.  I'm sure there would be no sitting on eggs and teaching.  Plus a bird must rotate the eggs every so often and add moisture.
  • BUT I wouldn't have any personal weight gain as the child would be able to grow in the egg...unless of course I put on weight by sitting too much.
Although it would be nice to have the extra weight off, I also don't know what I'd think about sitting on an egg all day.

2.) At the end of pregnancy, there is a behavior that they call "nesting." Many people know that this is when a pregnant woman has an insatiable desire to clean house and organize.  
I have found that I have had nesting spurts! One day I will wake up and need to clean everything in sight! The next day I'll feel like I don't have the energy to do a thing! Today is one of my nesting days as I just keep thinking "The house can't be like this when the baby gets here."
I think that I will probably do it increasingly as I get closer to my due date!

On that topic, my due date is now roughly 5-6 weeks away! I am going by my original due date of July 14th for now.  That's the due date that my doctor is using, so it makes it easier for me to just go by that one also.  Otherwise, I'd start getting confused about which appointments to make when.  The other due date, if I go by the ultrasound, is 8 days after the 14th. 

I'm still hanging onto that second date for a couple of reasons.  If the baby is born earlier than the due date, he still may be a week younger than they think.  So, I want his lungs to be checked to make sure they are developed enough.  Also, if I go past my due date, I am still going to hold out that extra week in the event that he really wasn't due on the 14th after all and that I do not need to be induced on July 21st as my true due date would be right around then.  

Anyway, that's all for now! There are a lot of babies being born and due right around now it's hard to believe!


  1. Becca - hope this post goes through. I've been trying several times the past couple of weeks but apparently blogger was having "issues". :-)

    Only 5-6 weeks to go - how exciting. You are looking great! Love your bird analogies and I too love watching the birds. I actually had some bluebirds nest in one of my birdhouses (the babies have hatched and they left this past week). Just watching them is so relaxing and when I sit outside and look at all God's creation it still amazes me. I do hope you are able to spot the Painted Bunting - what a beautiful bird.

    God bless you.

    Love ya,

  2. Darlene-
    Thank you for such a sweet comment! :) I'm glad the blog let it work for you to post one. My blog is temperamental when it comes to comments and I don't know why because I certainly didn't set it that way!

    That is so exciting to have bluebirds nesting! I have tried to get bluebirds before and I haven't. They are such beautiful birds. I'm still keeping my eye out for that elusive painted bunting. :)