Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Things I Didn't Know

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about things that nobody had told me to expect in pregnancy.  However, there are a few more things that I have learned just from being pregnant.  These things refer more to the baby in particular.  So, I wanted to share them! 

1.) Due Date & Full Term
Today, I am 35 weeks (going by my original due date).  So, that means I have 5 weeks to go.
BUT! I have only 2 weeks until he is considered full term meaning that if he's born in two weeks, they won't consider him premature.  However, if my ultrasound due date is correct, I have 3 more weeks until he is full term.

2.) So why cook so long?
I think other people surely have wondered this when they learned what I did.  It seems odd that a baby is full term at 37 weeks, but due at 40 weeks.  One of my pregnancy books says, "Because pregnancy is not fair" HAHA! But not really.  It is because even though they are technically developed at 37 weeks, their immune system needs to develop further (as well as the lungs in some cases).

3.) White Baby Boy Syndrome
Speaking of lungs, one of my coworkers had told me that one reason I really want to carry the baby to 40 weeks is due to what she refers to as "White Baby Boy Syndrome." I had never heard of this. Ever. Anywhere.
I looked it up and, although it has a name, it's more of a generalized term that people have coined than a fact.
HOWEVER, there is statistical data that shows baby boys tend to take longer to develop than baby girls.  They use this based on babies they see in the NICU.  Girls are more often more developed at earlier stages.  My coworker said the "White Baby Boy Syndrome" had to do with the fact that baby boys' lungs are usually not as developed as baby girls.
I don't consider this really a syndrome or even something to go preaching, but I will use caution now.  This is why, if my baby comes early, I want them to check his lungs.

4.) Comfortable Inside
Gordon Lee is positioned inside me like this
I know this because of where I am feeling movements.  Plus, I can actually feel his head very distinctly now.  It feels like a small ball, so I know where it is.  
Well, I didn't know what to call this position.  So, when I last saw my doctor, I told her I was 99% sure he was in there "sideways." She looked at me and said, "That means he is transverse." So I learned a new term! This position is called transverse.  Some people referred to it as breech, but breech is only when the baby's head is up and feet are down vertically.  
Upon examination, my doctor agreed that he is transverse.  But she said not to worry about it as this is apparently not too difficult of a position for a baby to go from to head down.
I've also been practicing a few exercises that are recommended to help turn a transverse baby head down.  One of them is getting on all fours and stretching your arms out in front of you like a cat.  This baby is stubborn, though.  He has turned toward the head down position only to move back to transverse when I get up.

5.) Braxton Hicks Contractions aren't Necessarily Painless
On Tuesday, I woke up with my abdomen cramping on and off.  It was so uncomfortable.  I actually became kind of concerned that I was having contractions.  Not wanting to call the hospital in case they were braxton hicks, I decided to try things like drinking more water to see if that would help.  Unlike real contractions, braxton hicks contractions are supposed to go away if you change activities or do something like drinking water.  The water did make it go away, so I realized they weren't real contractions.
But I'm going to be honest.  It was not painless.  

6.) And Finally One Thing That has Been Different for me Than What People Have Told me
A lot of people have said to me that when you get into late pregnancy, you won't be as excited when the baby moves because it hurts so much.  Last night, he was positioned with some body part poking into my ribs and his head jutting out of my right side like he wanted to come out that way.  It hurt so much! I couldn't sleep on my right side.  
But, I still don't even care if it hurts, I like it when my baby moves.  It is reassurance that he is alive in there! So, even if I have to get a jab in the ribs or pee every hour because he is on my bladder, I am just happy to know he is moving and doing well.
My belly jumps around now when he moves.  And it does hurt, but it's still a miracle to me and it makes me happy. :)


  1. I like your posts! Yes, it is true about the boy and girl issue... I am a NICU nurse and we see girls do better than boys all of the time if they are pre-mature. African American girls do better than white as well. Crazy how that works, but it seems to be the norm. Good luck in the weeks to come! I am "full term" now! I am looking forward to seeing my new little one!

  2. I am writing this comment at your 38th week,so no need to worry about "white baby boy syndrome". I'm sure his lungs will cry out loud shortly as they will be nice and strong.