Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Pregnancy Must-Haves

Since this is my first and only pregnancy so far, I don't know what it's like to not be pregnant in the summer.  Technically, I've been pregnant through all 4 seasons.  Although the summer has not officially started, it is hot enough for me to consider it summer here.  Plus, school is out now which constitutes as summer vacation.

Anyway, many people have said that being pregnant during the summer is not desirable. And I think they meant being in your third trimester.  Because this is the time that I've found pregnancy really starts getting to you. :) But seeing as how I have no other experiences to compare this pregnancy to, I have to say it isn't intolerable.....as long as you are prepared with the right things!

What are those things? You ask.  Well, in my personal experience, these are the things that a woman who is pregnant during the summer must have for optimum comfort.

1.) Flip Flops or Sandals
For a number of reasons, regular shoes have become nothing more than an aggravation to me.  My feet really aren't even swollen.  They are slightly puffier than usual, but they aren't bad at all.  Still, a full-coverage shoe feels restricting. Plus, not to be gross, but your body heat is higher when you are pregnant.  Therefore, I've found myself sweating VERY easily in the summer including my feet.  Imagine having that stuffed into a shoe.  GROSS! So, I feel that flip flops let my feet breathe.  I haven't worn anything except flip flops since the beginning of May.

2.) Water!
Pregnant women are supposed to up their water intake as it is to 2 liters of water a day.  It's actually very hard to do when you aren't thirsty.  I have found that pregnancy often leaves you feeling thirsty, which makes the water intake easier.  Yet, I have found that with this summer heat I am craving even more water.  I never leave the house without my water bottle now.  I carry around a 1 liter bottle of water that I refill when necessary.  And I actually think I remember to grab my water before my keys or my purse now!

3.) Lightweight Maternity Dresses!
The pictured dress is actually one that I own.  I did not feel like modeling my maternity dress just for a blog (besides, in my Weeble Blog, you can see two of my dresses).  So, I went to the Motherhood website and found a dress that I own.  A lightweight summer dress is essential.  I couldn't imagine wearing anything else! I have a couple of dresses that I wear and that's pretty much it.  I do have 2 skirts with tank tops, but I actually prefer my dresses to anything else.  

4.) A Pony Tail, Bun, or ANY way to get my hair UP
Granted, most women don't like having their hair in the way when they are hot.  But, as I said before, you are even HOTTER when you are pregnant. ;) And I can hardly go a day without getting my hair up.  It's just another way to stay cool.

So, for anyone who is also pregnant during the summer, or might be, I hope these little things could be helpful.  I imagine those who are also pregnant right now have probably found their own ways of getting comfortable anyway. :)


  1. Have you worn your birthday metallic sandals yet? watermelon and citrus fruits are great cooling foods too. The neck cooler will feel really good.

  2. Mmmm..yes...watermelon is another thing that I have come to enjoy this summer. I LOVE the light refreshing taste of watermelon. I eat watermelon a few times a week! I'd forgotten about that. I also like cantaloupe and other melon types of fruits. I am looking forward to using that neck cooler! Thanks! :)