Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Blog 23

When life hands you lemons...

Compare them to the size of a baby! Today, I'm 14 weeks, and baby is around the size of a lemon now.  In other terms, that's 4 inches.  I actually bought some lemons and limes last week for cooking.  And I noticed my lemons and limes are around the same.  So, I'd guess the baby is the size of a large lemon now. :)

I had an appointment with my doctor today.  So far, everything is going normal with the pregnancy! We heard baby's heartbeat loud and strong at 149 bpm today! We listened to it for about 3 minutes; she said it sounded great.  I wish I had some way of bringing a recording device with me to the appointment.  I'd love to record the sound of baby's heartbeat to post it on here.  I don't even have a tape recorder.  I may need to purchase one.

Our BIG ultrasound is set up for February 17th at 1:15.  So, that's when we should know if baby is a boy or a girl.  I can't wait! Let's hope the baby cooperates.


  1. What a wonderful Valentine's gift for the both of you. Finding out if that little heart is beating inside of a little girl or a little boy.

    I can feel your excitement Rebecca. Treasure every moment!


  2. I liked reading this, especially the part about life handing you lemons... Have a fun weekend:)