Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Small Thanksgiving

We are spending Thanksgiving together as just the three of us this year.  This wasn't our original plan, but God had other plans.  So, this is not only the baby's first Thanksgiving.  But it is also our first Thanksgiving just together with our family.  I will not lie; at first, it was a hard concept to accept.

It seemed weird.  I have never spent a Thanksgiving without large numbers of extended family or friends.  My husband's only Thanksgiving without a lot of family was when he was deployed to Iraq.  

Even though the concept seemed strange at first, I realized that's only because I'm just used to it a certain way.   We don't have to be with another family (be it our family or friends) to have Thanksgiving.  Actually, I think this can be a nice opportunity for us to be a family together for one of the first holidays our son has been with us.

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