Thursday, November 10, 2011

Expecting when You're Least Expecting

On this day last year, I found out I was pregnant. Results were inconclusive, however, as the only test that gave a positive answer was the clear blue easy digital test.  The next morning, all tests were positive.  So, I took them into the doctor who ran their own test that came back negative.  However, they took a blood sample and it confirmed what the rest of my tests had told me.

We were so shocked.  I was excited but very nervous because I wasn't really ready to have a baby yet.  But God was ready for me to have a baby.  I remember during this week last year, I was a panicked mess hoping my "little bean" was growing well.  I was also freaking out because we really hadn't planned the baby at all, so I wasn't taking prenatal vitamins, I was drinking some alcohol, drinking lots of coffee--things that I wouldn't have done if  I had thought I stood a chance of getting pregnant.  

My husband was in such shock and disbelief that he said he wouldn't believe it until the blood test came through.  After 3 blood tests with the number more than tripling each time, he STILL wasn't completely convinced.  I don't think he really believed it was true until he saw the 12 week ultrasound!

Thinking on these things today, I have to say life has changed tremendously! And we are blessed that our little boy is plenty healthy and certainly growing well!

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