Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Day at the Spa

For the past week or so, I have been slightly under the weather.  I think allergies are to blame as I seem to get the same symptoms in the same order whenever my allergies start--sore throat that lasts for about 1-2 days, throat suddenly clears up, onset of congestion that will make me completely miserable without allergy medicine.  However, I'm not entirely sure it was allergies this time.  Maybe it was a cold as Gordon Lee seemed to have started to get a little congested himself! Poor little guy!

He wasn't that bad off, but yesterday morning he seemed to wake up crankier than usual and I could tell by his breathing he was congested.  Anyway, I'd been doing a few things to help ease his congestion--it's hard with a baby because you can't give them anything and you have to suck their drainage out with a bulb.  But I had put him down for a morning nap, gotten out of the shower, only to find him crying as he'd woken up just a few short minutes later.  I think the congestion was to blame.

It was a dreary, overcast day outside and I was feeling a bit sleepy myself.  At first, I was going to try to get a lot of chores done yesterday...the dishes needed to be done; laundry also needed to be done; laundry that was already done needed to be folded and put away; I wanted to vacuum..you get the point.  But when I got out of the shower I rushed right to my sweet little crying baby, let him eat, and then I wrapped him up in my robe.  

When he was a brand new newborn, he would sleep on our chests gladly.  But as soon as he started learning to pick his head up, sleeping on somebody's chest slowly became a thing of the past as he would just push up (even swaddled) to pick his little head up.  Yesterday, though, I really don't think he was feeling too good as he just settled in being wrapped in my robe.  I walked around the house holding him wrapped up as he fell asleep peacefully.

And I decided to just sit at an angle in bed with him wrapped up.  Sitting there, I felt so peaceful like I was spending a day at the spa! In fact, a day at the spa wouldn't have even given me the refreshment and joy I felt. I thought to myself..the chores can wait.  There is nothing like moments like this one.  And I truly felt some sort of positive hormones flowing through me...a wave of serenity and bliss.  So, I spent most of the day yesterday just cuddling my baby and not worrying about doing anything else.  Even the blog I posted had been written the night before.  I added a few sentences and posted it.  

And people might think I'm crazy for believing this, but I truly think it helped him and me get better!  I am feeling MUCH better than I did, and he seems to feel a lot better as well.  He has been very cheerful today and his breathing sounds much better.  Maybe that was all we both needed.

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