Saturday, September 3, 2011

Secret Readers

There are several people who I know follow my blog and read it on a regular basis.  Usually, I get comments, messages, etc. from them either on each blog or on one every now and then.  But it has come to my attention, that there are several "secret readers" out there.  Yes, they are those people who are not listed as following my blog nor do they leave comments on the blog or Facebook.  And it doesn't cease to surprise me when I find out about one of these secret readers.  Sometimes, somebody will mention to me on the phone "oh I was reading your blog..." or somebody else will tell me that someone else was reading.  

I am flattered that my blog is enjoyable that there are as many people out there reading it  as there are.  So, if you are one of those secret readers, thanks for reading.  I somehow feel the need to write on a variety of more interesting topics now.

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