Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What a Blessing

For a long time, I've been wanting to write this blog.  And I've had so much to say about it that I've taken a long time to get it started because I'm worried I'm going to end up rambling.  But, after today, I felt that this blog can't wait any longer.  I was blessed with a truly amazing doctor, and I really cannot even do justice to how incredible she is in a blog.  Dr. G (as I shall refer to her) is caring, kind, gentle, and very thorough.  I have to share all of the great things she has done for my baby and me.

First of all, she was my obstetrician throughout the pregnancy.  When my water broke and I went into the hospital in the wee hours of July 8th, she was not on duty.  Instead, I initially had to be seen by a younger, much more inexperienced doctor who immediately tried pushing drugs on me.  My doctor had all 4 of her children without drugs and was trying to encourage me that I could do it as well.  So, when the doctor on duty told me that he talked to my doctor and she wanted to start piton right away, I knew something was  up.  I told him that I didn't want to make any decisions until Dr. G arrived herself.  He was making me feel like they were going to make a choice for me and I knew my doctor wasn't going to do that.  Well, sure enough, when she arrived, things got a lot better and nobody was trying to push me to do anything.  I did go on piton because my contractions were irregular and despite hours of walking, stayed that way.  Still, nobody pushed the decision on me.

Once my doctor arrived, a sense of calm came with her.  She actually wouldn't allow any other doctor to check how far I was progressing as she didn't trust their judgment.   Since I was in labor for 24 hours, there was one time when she was unable to come up and check my progression.  Instead, she sent a midwife she trusted.  As it turned out, she was taking great lengths to ensure that I wasn't pushed into a c-section.  Apparently, there was a doctor who was tired of me being there for as long as I was and kept suggesting a c-section.  Looking out for my best interest, she said that if I progressed at all, we'd keep going.  Even though I only dilated 1 centimeter over a period of 4 or more hours, she still called it progression.  I was SO thankful that she was there for me and didn't allow some doctor to "hurry up" the process for his own convenience.  Granted, if it had gone too long, we may have had to take other measures.  But she was there for me all the way intervening for me.  What a blessing!

While in the hospital, she came and visited me quite a few times.  She offered breastfeeding support, told me that I was doing a great job, and said that little Gordon Lee looked great.  In fact, she set up his pediatric appointments with her.  And I was again so grateful.  Every other doctor he has seen has been nothing like her.  

Last week, I took him in to the doctor because he was having some problems.  He was constantly wanting to eat literally all the time for days on end.  And when not eating, he was crying like he'd had nothing.  His weight gain and output showed he was getting plenty.  So, concerned, I booked an appointment.  But they couldn't make one with Dr. G because they said she was booked.  So, they gave me another doctor who didn't even examine him well and said that she thought he had colic and acid reflux and gave us medicine for both.   Still, last week, I noticed he developed a rash and so I made another appointment and this had to be with yet another doctor.  She said the rash was normal from hormones, and that she thought he had colic.

I REALLY wanted to see Dr. G.  The other doctors just didn't make me feel at ease.  Plus, the second doctor talked to me like I knew nothing.  When I told her he wanted to eat all of the time, she responded with, "Babies aren't hungry every time they cry; you need to try other things." Well NO KIDDING! I think I know my baby's cues at this point and I do not resort to food immediately.  

So, today, I had my own follow-up visit with Dr. G and she graciously examined little Gordon Lee for me as well.  And it was just such a breath of fresh air! She told me that his rash was not a hormonal thing and that she could tell it was a result of a virus that had passed.  That would explain his crankiness and why he was nursing so much.  She said that the type of rash was unmistakable.  She was also the first doctor to really examine him carefully and listen to what I had to say--instead of assuming I was ignorant of everything.  

He actually got hungry during the visit, so I had to feed him.  She got to witness him spitting up and did not feel he had reflux.  She told me not to give him the medicine for it and that babies sometimes just have a number of things happening at once.  From her gentle manner to her calming voice, she always makes me feel so good after a visit.  

I wish there were more doctors like her out there!


  1. So discouraging to read of all the bad doctors you've encountered, but what a blessing Dr. G is! Yay! :) Doctors and nurses make such a HUGE difference, good or bad.

  2. They certainly do! :) I feel like Dr. G has just been a God send!

  3. Yes, I definitely got the impression after meeting Dr. G. that she is extra special. So glad God worked all that out for you. Hey, Dr G. can stand for "Gordon"'s doctor:)