Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby Blog 11

According to my own calculations, I should be around 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  I suppose everything is going well in the pregnancy.  For now, I just have to kind of guess at how things are going.  Honestly, this is kind of a weird time because I feel like it will be a long time before I have a real doctor appointment where I actually will have any real clue of how baby is doing.

For now, I trust and pray that baby is fine seeing as how I am feeling miserable.  I am so tired all of the time.  I'm finding it especially hard to stay awake during 4th block at school.  I wish my boss would designate me a nap time so that I could then make it through the end of the day. Ha! That would be nice.  Honestly, my main symptom is being tired.  I was having bad nausea and some vomiting yesterday.  The day before that I felt it coming and going.  For now, I have found that taking my anti-nausea medicine in conjunction with ginger ale is working for me.  But I'll say that, when I woke up this morning and the medicine had worn off, I could definitely feel it.  It wasn't as bad as yesterday.  However, I'm finding that my symptoms can be all over the place and some days are worse than others.  

A new symptom that I seem to have acquired is dizziness.  I get that lightheaded feeling every time I stand up, and I still feel dizzy often when I walk around.  Unfortunately, with all of these things, I'm experiencing quite a bit of moodiness.  Poor Lee...I'm trying to control it, but some days I just feel so grumpy.  I sound like a great person to be around right now...tired, sick, grumpy.  It isn't THAT bad all the time; it's just the side-effects of pregnancy.  

Something that is odd to me is that it's hard for me to feel like baby is doing okay when I am feeling so awful.  Nausea and vomiting are supposed to be signs of a healthy pregnancy, but it goes against intuition to feel that all is well when you feel like passing out.  I keep thinking, "How can baby be doing fine if I am not and baby is living off of me?"  That's just one of the miracles of life that I won't understand.  I am just glad that I am having these symptoms in a way because they are reassurance to me.  And I do hope they keep on until I am in the clear for a healthy first trimester.

They are more than welcome to leave with the second trimester gets here.  ;)

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