Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Year; New Challenges

LIFE...comes at you FAST! And you never know what to expect!

I haven't written a blog in a long time.  It isn't because I haven't had anything to write about.  In fact, it's actually the other way around.  I have so much to write about that, if I was blogging, I'd probably be writing 2-3 a day! I am in the midst of many changes.  School starts tomorrow and, as everyone knows, I'm teaching high school.  I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

Last week, I was dreading the start of school.  I wasn't ready because I felt like as soon as I got to relax (after the move and many changes), I had to start work again.  Yet, after being at school for teacher work week, I feel totally ready for those kids tomorrow.  I'm going to be working with some great, fun people who make the environment positive.

I thought maybe I'd feel nervous with high schoolers.  After all, I was just working with 6th graders and even then some of them were a handful.  BUT it's funny because high schoolers are actually just a little bit more balanced.  They were all at the school the other day for verification and every kid I met (even the ones without parents around) were very respectful and together.  Yes, I know there will be many who won't be that way; however, I do think it will be refreshing to be around students who think on a little bit of a higher level. I'll get a little bit more mental stimulation.

That said, if I am ever in need of a job, I will still go straight for middle school.  I prefer the freedom of the middle school curriculum and the fun things you can do at that level.  Often, high school is so "academically" focused.  Listening the the conversations of other teachers at this school, I don't think it's this way here.  And I'm sure there are other teachers the same way.  I'm just saying I still feel more comfortable with teaching strategies in middle school.

I'm ready for the kids, though.  They will have more attitude at times.  No teacher feels like dealing with attitude.  And kids often don't realize that their bad attitude and unwillingness to work is only hurting themselves.  If they knew how much it was only working against them, they wouldn't do it.  But they think they are proving something.

My GOALS and challenges to myself for this year are:

1.) Find ways to show the students how reading and writing well HELP MAKE LIFE EASIER

2.) Pull kids out of their comfort zone into an area of increased self-confidence

3.) Don't let any kid's size, be it attitude size or physical size, be an intimidation factor

4.) PUT myself in THEIR shoes; try to see things the way they do.  Because it doesn't matter how I see things.  I won't get anywhere without trying to understand them.

And actually, this is going to lead into another blog today. It's something else I've been wanting to write about and I can't resist right now! :)