Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Household Chores

One of my husband's e-mail accounts requires the use of 9 questions about yourself that you must answer 3 of before logging in.  One of the questions is "What is your least favorite household chore?"  I won't disclose my husband's answer; however, the question got me thinking about my own answer.  

My least favorite chore, by far is doing the dishes! I despise doing the dishes even if I do have a dishwasher.  You'd think it would be ridiculous for me to dread doing the dishes with it being as simple as it is; yet, I am so disgusted by the whole process of it.  I can't completely identify the exact reason I don't like it.  Part of it may be that I was always stuck with the worst part of doing the dishes growing up.  My sister was clever and strategically made her way to the sink to load the easy dishes in the dishwasher first (e.g. glasses, forks, plates, bowls) so that I had the lovely job of scrubbing the pots and pans that were left behind. Of course, when I had to start my job, everyone else was in the family room watching television.  It wasn't exactly enticing.  I also dislike doing the dishes because my hands get nasty doing them and feel gross for a long time afterwards.  I am not going to wear rubber gloves every time I need to wash dishes.  That's too much of a hassle.  Anyway, like I said, I don't know the reason reason.  I can only speculate.  But the fact of the matter stands that I hate doing dishes.

One the flip side, my favorite household chore is taking out the trash! Ha! You'd think it would be the other way around.  It could be that I like getting that nastiness OUT of the house.  Staring at a full trash can is frustrating anyway because it's gross.  And I actually really like taking out the trash.  In college,  when I lived in a dorm I remember that I loved volunteering to take out the trash, and that still hasn't changed.  The only time I didn't like this chore was in my old apartment, but that was because it was very hard for me to get the bag down the stairs.  I don't have that issue here and I am, once again, eager to do it.

As for the other chores,  I'd rank them like this in order of least favorite to favorite.

#7 Steam Cleaning the Carpets-  The steam cleaner intimidates me because there are so many parts to it and you constantly have to empty out the dirty water and refill it.  I also don't care for having wet carpets that I have to wait for to dry.  Ewww. 

#6 Vacuuming- This is one of those jobs that's kind of in the middle.  I don't mind vacuuming, and it isn't that much of a hassle.  The only issue I run into with vacuuming is the dog.  As soon as the vacuum is plugged in, the dog is on high alert! Haha!

#5 Cooking dinner-  This one is also in the middle.  I enjoy actually cooking the dinner, but I dislike the mess that has to be cleaned up from it! Haha! I have to say I generally like this one though because I don't know if the mess that comes from cooking dinner is actually considered part of this chore (I'll put that one in with doing the dishes maybe). ;)

#4 Folding and putting away towels and clothes-  This is not a bad job.  It's just that it gets time-consuming when there's a lot of laundry that has just been done.

#3 Cleaning the bathrooms-  I like cleaning the bathroom because it's so simple.  All it takes is windex, some form of scrubbing bubbles or similar product, paper towels, and maybe a sponge.  I have no problem taking on this chore.

#2 Doing Laundry-  This one is something I like because fresh clothes are better than smelly ones!  I love the feel and smell of freshly dried clothing. :) 

#1 Making the Bed- Others may argue that I have a problem with this one because I don't do it often.  I actually find making the bed pretty easy and painless.  I just don't do it very often because it honestly doesn't make very much sense to me.  I have never understood why I should make my bed if I am just going to mess it up later in the day.  Again, though, I really don't mind it or have a problem with it when I do make it.  And I certainly never dread doing it.

Does anybody else out there have a least favorite or favorite household chore? Am I leaving any chores out? I have a feeling that I am, but oh well.  I think I covered the basic ones.  Now I have a sudden urge to vacuum....

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