Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Penny for Your Blog?


My blog is an internet sensation.  I talk about cutting-edge and controversial things like...I think thank you notes are ridiculous and I need to throw my junk out!!  Yes, there, whew,  I came out and said it.  People are flocking by the masses to read it, in other words, my mother.  I can't even open my door without a reporter wanting to know what the next inspirational or questionable thing I might say is.  I might talk about my dog jumping on the furniture next! Now, don't get too excited--it's just a teaser.
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I can only give out so many signatures a day, people.  I'll tell you it's tough being a blogging star.  So many people wanting to sign with me I cannot even begin listing them because they don't exist.  I barely have enough time to keep up with the rigorous pace! Hold the applause, please.

I have been writing various blogs for several years now.  I had one in college that I don't use anymore.  I had started using a blog through yahoo! but they were lovely and decided to shut down their wonderful features that made blogging so easy there.  I had almost been done with it when I saw other people using blogspot, and decided to join the bandwagon.  

To me, the funny thing about it all is that blogging didn't start out as anything more than something personal.  It was an easier way for somebody to keep a journal.  Being able to post it online and share it with others was nice because then they could reflect on what you posted unlike writing in a paper journal.  I don't remember anybody thinking that a blog was much more than a way to share thoughts online.

But then blogs became an avenue for people to achieve success.  If the right person in the right part of the world saw it, that could be your breakthrough.  Now, you can pay to have advertisements on your page.  You can endorse your blog.  Wasn't it once just an electronic journal?  What is it now?  It is really a way to share what you think or to say what people want to hear for personal gain? There are many people who don't use blogs for attention.  They write them because it is simply a form of enjoyment for them.  The reason I like people to read my blog is because I want to know what their thoughts are on the topic I wrote about.  I like to hear all perspectives.  I also sometimes just want to write something down while I'm thinking of it.  There might be something that happened that I don't want to forget.  So, I'll blog about it.

I just get tired of the way that people find something and then capitalize on it until they wear it out.  Then everyone is trying to make gains from that thing because somebody else did.  All I will say is that, for now, if my mother is the only person who comments on my blog (and I know a few others do also) for as long as I write it,  I am completely fine with that. :)


  1. I read your blog too. Patti

  2. Your Mom isn't the only one who enjoys reading your blog. Now I know to comment...woohoo...someone wants to hear my penny worth! and I promise not to try to sell you anything.

  3. Hmmm, I did post a comment. Here it is again. At first, I thought you wanted "Penny" for your blog. You know, as it my dog.I guess not. It was a very cool and glitzy blog and got peoples' attention, since I wasn't the first commenter. I think you are right on the money, speaking of a penny!! Keep doing what you're doing!! You are a great writer.

  4. I read your blog. I'm just not a blogger myself so I don't feel the need to say anything. I bet there are a bunch of people like me out there.