Friday, August 1, 2014

Simple Reptile Crafts: Turtle and Snake (Mess-free and easy)

This week, Gordon Lee did two art activities to have fun with learning about reptiles.  The first activity was really just my own idea--making a turtle out of construction paper.  However, Gordon Lee added on his own creative adaptation to it! The second one I found while googling "snake crafts."

These are the only 2 pictures I have of Gordon Lee's turtle.  While we were making it, I was busy getting everything together and didn't think to take pictures.

So to explain how we did this, I just made another one of my own.

1.) Two pieces of construction paper--I chose green and brown paper because you use practically the entire sheet of green, and I think brown compliments the green well.
2.) I traced one of Gordon Lee's plates to make the circle.  It's about the size of a dessert plate.

3.) With the rest of the green paper, I cut out 1 head, 4 legs, and 1 tail.  I just eyeballed these. Basically, I just tried to make the head and legs look like giant thumbs.

4.) Then I drew symbols on the green piece of paper to show Gordon Lee where to glue the pieces.  Honestly, though, you could probably just draw an X on every one because it is a circle anyway.  So, I drew symbols at 12, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.
 5.) Gordon Lee glued the pieces to the symbols.  It makes it much easier for him.
 6.) I asked Gordon Lee which side he wanted to be the turtle's top shell and he said brown.  I like his choice.  He then wanted to "paint it." So he added green paint to the brown shell of his turtle.
 7.) We then drew 2 dots for eyes.  Here's where Gordon Lee adapted it.  He had the idea to fold the head and legs to "tuck him into his shell." Then, together we saw that you could also make him look like he is walking by pulling the legs out and bending the head up.

We had fun with it!

Snake Craft
This one I found online.  Tip: When I told Gordon Lee to "glue each X and then stick them together," he kept making the tear-drop shape with each loop.  But when I said, "Make the x's touch," he completely understood and was able to make a loop.
I allowed Gordon Lee to choose the color he wanted for his snake.  He wanted it to be white.

1.) I laid the white piece of construction paper out horizontally, and I used a ruler to cut out however many strips I could get.  I think I should have made smaller strips, but this is the size I made.
2.) I drew one ex on opposing ends and sides where Gordon Lee was to glue. 

3.) I saved one loop. I cut the ends to a point and drew x's on the same side on each end for the head.
4.) I cut a small tongue out of red paper.

5.) Gordon Lee started gluing.  This is where I told him to make the x's touch each other.

6.) When all of the loops were finished, we made the head. Gordon Lee glued each x.  We stuck the tongue on one of them.  Then he folded one end over to make them touch.

7.) So, the head should only have glue where the X is.  This leaves the base free.  To fold a flat part.  You glue the flat part and then stick it to any loop.

And the snake is done! Gordon Lee didn't even bother putting eyes on this one.  He just wanted to make it slither and move around like a snake.


  1. Great turtle and s-s-s-snake ideas! Good job at following Mommy's directions too.