Tuesday, March 13, 2012


If there is one word I can use to describe Gordon Lee, it is fun! He is almost always having fun and I have so much fun watching him!  The older he gets, the less he cries.  And when he does cry, it is usually for a very specific reason such as being tired or hungry.  Below are some pictures of him having fun with various things!

He LOVES this frog chair that we got him for Christmas.  But he isn't interested in sitting in it; he likes to tackle it.

He is consistently proud of himself whenever he pulls himself up to stand.  And he especially likes to peek at you from behind something.

Whenever he has been actively playing (crawling around, trying to walk, etc.), he then wants to sit in my lap and play.  I think it is his way of winding down.
In this next picture, he is getting near the point where he is about to sit in my lap, but he is making sure I'm nearby while demonstrating the height of fashion.
Like I said, he is just so much fun! In the video, he is taking 1 step.  That is his new skill he is practicing.  He likes to pull himself up on that brown ottoman, slowly let go of it, and try a few steps.  He made 4 the other day.


  1. I guess I was so enthralled with the "mama" video, I totally missed this "Fun" one. He really is soooooo fun to watch.

  2. He is! I never get bored with him!

  3. Wow, He is getting so grown up. I was missing you in facebook and was wondering what your lil monkey was up to and boy is he active. Im also wondering where you got that adorable froggy chair...Logan would love that\

  4. Hey! How is Logan doing? I look forward to seeing how he has grown when I come back to Facebook in April. We bought the frog chair from the clearance toy shelf in Walmart back in December. They had all kinds of different animals and we got the frog because the others had snouts on them that stuck out so far it would be impossible for a child to sit in them.
    But I have to say it isn't holding up to his tackling so well. It is already ripping on the inside under the neck and stuffing is starting to come out. I like the concept of the chair and will probably buy him another one for his first birthday, but I think we might look for a better quality one.

  5. Logan is doing great. He is saying "Mama" and just yesterday started saying "dada" sometimes. He is sometimes crawling but otherwise is moving all over the place by scooting and pushing and dragging himself anywhere he wants to go. His top two teeth are about half way out and they are killing him but otherwise he has been a happy active baby. Im making a trip to babies-r-us tonight to get some things and I will see if they have any chairs like that because Logan's new favorite thing is climbing things (mostly me)...I will probably keep in touch with you on here until you can get back on facebook...just wait until you see how big Logan is getting...he may outgrow me by april lol

  6. Gordon Lee likes climbing too. I was talking to a cousin of mine who has 2 boys who are now teenagers and she said they both loved climbing. I think it might be a boy thing. I wouldn't be surprised if he outgrew you! haha! He was like half your size already not that long ago. He is a tall boy. Hopefully those teeth can come all the way through and stop causing him pain. Gordon Lee is acting like he is cutting some more teeth but I haven't seen anything yet. Based on how the first 2 went, I won't be holding my breath. I hope you can find a chair for Logan!