Friday, November 18, 2011


One night, during early autumn last year, my husband and I were sitting out on our back porch in our old house.  As we were sitting there talking, we both agreed that having a nice little fire going would be perfect! So, we bought a fire pit.  It ended up being a regular thing to sit outside with a fire.

When we moved into the house we live in now (needing more room with a baby), we got a fireplace! When one chilly day arrived a few weeks ago, we felt it was the perfect day for a fire in the fireplace.  My husband bought some firewood and it created a nice warm, cozy environment in our house.

The baby, who we keep well away from the fire (of course), loves watching it from across the room! And we all feel so much closer and relaxed.

I think I will now have a prerequisite for our next house--it must have a fireplace! :)

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