Friday, October 28, 2011

Missing Children

As many people may know, there are two children that have gone missing recently.  One is the baby named Lisa whose mother was drinking one night when she went missing.  The second one is an autistic boy named Robert who ran off in the woods on a walk with his father and has been missing since Sunday.

Both of these stories break my heart.  In the case of the baby girl, it's hard for me not to be upset with that mother as she had the full capability to keep her daughter in her sight and didn't.  However, I'm sure she is feeling bad enough about that now.  The little girl is supposed to turn 1 soon, and it must be devastating to have no idea where she is.

As for the autistic boy, his parents are separated and his mother wasn't with him when he went missing, and I can only imagine how she must be feeling right now.  From the articles I've read, I haven't heard about any statements that have been released from his mother.  The articles have just said that he lived with her in Ladysmith, VA and that he was with his father walking through the park when he went missing.  As a mother, that must be extremely hard to handle--knowing that your baby went missing and you couldn't be there to go after him.  I am sure it is equally hard on his father who tried to chase after him but couldn't catch him.  I have been praying for this boy and his family ever since I heard the news of his disappearance on Sunday.  Being day 6 since he went missing, things are beginning to look a little disappointing.  Still, I just hope they find him. I keep thinking about what I would do if I was in that situation, and I don't think I'd even be able to eat or sleep.

Knowing these things, I'm just holding my little one extra close and praying for these families.  I hope their children are found soon!

Baby Lisa's story is pretty wide-spread.  However, if you haven't heard about Robert, here is an article on the most recent news about him.

Good news! Robert was found alive and they believe he will be okay! Now still praying for baby Lisa!

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