Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sleep Update

Well, I've been trying different techniques to help Gordon Lee nap in his crib that I have gotten from The No Cry Sleep Solution.  I was really surprised by some of the things that make so much sense that I just had not even thought of.

During nap time now he sleeps with a darker curtain up, he has his white noise machine going, I bundle him, and I actually let him sleep with his head in the corner of the crib.  Granted, I wouldn't advise having the baby sleep that way unless under close supervision.  I check on him regularly.  Otherwise, I wouldn't let him sleep like that.  In the book, the author explains that many babies like to sleep with their head "lodged," which is why many of them prefer sleeping in a car seat, infant swing, etc.  I already knew he preferred his car seat.  But I had also noticed that when I lay down with him, he likes to nuzzle his head up in my armpit.  So, I thought facing the back of his head toward the corner of the crib might help this for the time being.  I didn't get this idea from the book, but I came up with it on my own.  This type of sleep preference is apparently one that they grow out of soon after 3 months.  I also wouldn't let him sleep like this at night.  It has seemed to help a lot.  He does still wake up in his crib more often than his carseat.  However, he tends to sleep better in this position while in the crib (below is a dark picture of what he looks like sleeping this way).  

As I had said in the last blog, he is really addicted to nursing himself to sleep.  The book touched on this topic quite a bit leaving me to realize many nursing mothers have the same dilemma.  Here's an excerpt from the book describing the situation I have been in, "I've worked with many mothers whose babies are so used to Mom's presence that Mom has to put herself to bed at 7:00 and stay there because her baby has built-in radar that won't allow her to leave him alone.  Mommy also has to take daytime naps whether she wants to or not!"  This is Gordon Lee to a T! He seems to "know" (even when sleeping soundly) when I walk away.  Just minutes after I head out, he often wakes up.  This is one major reason I want him to learn to nap in his crib because I want him to learn that he can go back to sleep without me being right there.

What's her advice for getting the baby to learn this? She writes, "If you want your baby to be able to fall asleep without your help, it is essential that you sometimes let your newborn baby suck until she is sleepy, but not totally asleep.  As often as you can remove the baby and let her finish falling asleep without something in her mouth.  When you do this, your baby may resist, root, and fuss.  It's perfectly OK to give it back and start over a few minutes later.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  If you do this often enough, she will eventually learn how to fall asleep without sucking." So, this is what I've been doing.  And I don't know how well it is working.  

Gordon Lee seemed to have more trouble falling asleep last night without nursing than ever before.  However, he is just now waking up from his 2nd nap of the day and during both naps, he did wake up briefly only to go back to sleep on his own without needing to nurse!  So, who knows? I guess only time will tell if we make progress.

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  1. Seems like what you are doing is working. Just the fact that he woke and cried a little and then went back to sleep is a good sign that he is figuring things out.