Monday, August 1, 2011

A Few of my Favorite (baby) Things!

A common topic of conversation for many people I know who have been expecting is what baby items are worth buying and what would be a waste of money.  My personal feeling about this was that it's hard to say what is worth buying and what is a waste of money because people have different routines and even each baby will have different preferences.  So, maybe for one person something is a waste while another person finds it invaluable.

There are a few items that I had no idea I would treasure so much once my little one arrived.  I wanted to share these things because I have really found them to be wonderfully helpful when it comes to having a baby.

1.) A Wipe Warmer
I never knew the wonders of a warm wipe until now! When Gordon Lee was first born, you would think that a diaper change was torture for him.  He screamed bloody murder when a wipe went across his bottom.  We started running the wipes they gave us in the hospital under warm water, and it did help things quite a bit.  However, instead of having to run to a sink for every diaper change (which would be at least 12 times a day in our case), a great solution is a wipe warmer.  I had actually read about somebody else who said that she received a wipe warmer as a shower gift and didn't realize what a wonderful thing a warm wipe was.  But it really is a vast improvement to the cold wipe.  First of all, my baby tolerates diaper changes much better with a warm wipe.  Secondly, it actually cleans up the mess quicker which means using fewer wipes per diaper change!

2.) A Changing Table
This is one item that I was told would be a waste of money.  Several people I know said that they never used their changing table, and it is just as easy to change a diaper on the floor.  While that may be true for them, I find the changing table to be fantastic! I can keep everything together and not have to run across the house for Desitin because I forgot to grab it pre diaper change (which did happen once when I decided to change a diaper in my bedroom).  There were a few people who did say that they used their changing table.  So, it isn't as if everybody said it would be a waste of money, but I was surprised at how many people simply told me I didn't need one.  I use this every day! I love it! Messes are easy to clean up on it.  And, as I said, everything is right there.  (Thank you to my mother-in-law who got me the table!)

3.) Newborn T-Shirts
These are great for a summer baby (especially in the Georgia heat)! I received a set of 5 newborn-sized t-shirts from my in-laws, and I had no idea how much I would love them! When breastfeeding, it is advised at the beginning to have the baby down to his/her diaper to keep him/her awake while feeding.  Having a t-shirt makes changing the baby so quick and simple! The t-shirts I received have 3 snaps that close them up, so it's really easy to change him in and out of them.  

There are many other things that I have that I really love.  But these are the things that I am surprised to find I enjoy (and use) so much!

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