Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiny Feet; Big Impact!

It's amazing what those little feet can do! I went to the doctor today because I had started getting a sore throat yesterday.  I wasn't sure if it was anything really bad, but I wanted to take extra precautions.  Anyway, the doctor asked me if the baby is moving regularly.  And I answered him honestly saying I don't really know! With my placenta being in the front, I can't always feel him moving.  

However, I did tell the doctor I have been feeling a jabbing feeling up above my belly button to the left (towards my rib cage).  It's awfully high for me to think it's the baby.  But I didn't want to rule anything out.   The other day I was standing in front of class subconsciously pushing down on my left side when one of my students called out "You're poking the baby!" lol At which point, I responded, "Well, the baby is poking me!" It was so funny because I hadn't even realized it but I was pushing down in that area.

The doctor did confirm that that could be the baby.  To be on the safe side, though, he took out the fetal doppler to hear the heartbeat.  Well, based on where he found the heartbeat, it appears that baby is diagonal in there...with his head facing down and, yes, you guessed it...his little feet facing up towards my left rib cage!  So that jabbing feeling I've been getting has been his little feet pounding away.

Who knew such tiny feet could make such a huge impact?

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  1. He's just telling you, "Hey, Mom, I'm getting my workout in right now."