Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Blog 33

Potato or hamster?

This week, my pregnancy ticker says that little Gordon Lee is the size of a sweet potato. I am starting to think these statements reflect his size at the end of each week of pregnancy rather than the beginning.  So, since I am less than 2 days away from being 19 weeks pregnant, I will say that he is probably close to that size right now.  

If it seems he has grown exponentially, it is only because he has reached the point where his legs are long enough to be factored in to his length.  Before, all of the measurements were crown to rump (i.e. head to butt).  Now, he is being measured from head to toe!  

I was just talking to my mother today describing the fact that he began getting active today near the end of the school day (maybe he was excited for school to let out! ;) ).  And, as I was telling her that I was feeling him move, he was still moving all around.  I really couldn't think of a way to describe it.  Butterflies just didn't fit for me.  I know the feeling and I can see why people would say butterflies.  However, it didn't seem to aptly fit the description of what I was feeling.  I finally found myself saying "It feels like there is a hamster running around inside of me!" And I laughed out loud about that, but it was so true! That's exactly how it feels to me when he moves!

Granted, I've never had a hamster inside of me.  However, compared to the way the one feels in my hand, the tickling of the little feet is the way it feels at this point when he moves around!

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