Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Blog 30

I like updating my blog on Tuesdays as I see it as a sort of halfway point in each week.  Granted, it's more than halfway seeing as how every Friday marks the beginning of a new week in pregnancy for me.  However, it feels halfway to me.  So, that's why I settle on Tuesdays.

Anyway, I hope nobody is getting tired of seeing these blogs.  If you are, I am sorry.  I just like writing updates.  Nobody is forced to read it anyway. ;)

Anyhow...here's some information that I left out of the last blog (seeing as how all I really said is "It's a boy!" lol).  Baby measured 17 weeks + 1 day on Saturday making my due day July 22nd, which is exactly what it was at my last ultrasound.  This makes me think July 22nd is a good due date to go by.  I saw his little heart beating IMMEDIATELY when they brought up the screen.  I LOVED seeing that! :) His heart rate measured 152 bpm, which is about the same as it was at 12 weeks. 

They gave me a DVD to take home with me of the whole appointment.  So, I get to watch him in live action whenever I want.  It is set to some very cheesy music, but muting the sound does the trick.  I wanted to share some of it on here.  Unfortunately, too much of my information  is visible, and I can't edit the DVD to show only a portion of it.  I would LOVE to do that, though.  I may play around with imovie to see what I can do.  However, I'm thinking I probably won't get that far with it.

I am so excited to be able to say "he" and "him" etc. instead of just "the baby" or "he/she."  It makes it seem so much more personal, and it makes me feel more connected to my child somehow.  At the appointment, our sonographer said she was 100% convinced we're having a boy.  She wrote "Baby BOY" on everything she gave us. Ha! I am sparing you the "proof" on here.  But I did watch the video last night and saw the clear proof again.  

As for the pregnancy fruit bowl, I now know the exact size of my baby at this point.  He was 5 inches on Saturday.  So, we're still in avocado mode.  Besides, the "fruit" on my ticker this week is an onion.  An onion? EW! I do not want to compare my unborn child to an onion.  So, we'll stick with an avocado which is actually a fruit (unlike an onion) and is actually not smelly.  My pregnancy book said that this week he is the size of the middle of the bottom of my palm to the end of my thumb.  I got out my measuring tape and sure enough that's 5 inches!

I go in for another ultrasound on Thursday.  This one is medical, though.  They will be looking at his organs and making sure everything is going right developmentally.  We went ahead and booked the other ultrasound this past weekend because we really wanted to see him in 4D.  Plus, I will be 1 day shy of 18 weeks this Thursday, and the radiology department at the hospital may not want to say whether they think we're having a boy or a girl. They said they don't tell until 18-20 weeks.  So, being 1 day shy of that, who knows? 

Anyway, that's all I have to report on now.  Here's one more picture of Gordon Lee 3.


  1. Yep, you need to keep with the fruit bowl, not a veggie bowl. Also, I was born on a Tuesday and so were you. Gordo Lee 3, Tuesday's child is full of grace. You may be born on a Tuesday too!

  2. Whoops, it should say "Gordon", not Gordo" on my last comment.