Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Blog 9

I will be 6 weeks pregnant on Thanksgiving.  The nurse says 7, but I am convinced I'm not that far along. Only time will tell, though.

I had my big doctor appointment today.  However, it really wasn't much of anything.  We just sat down and went over information.   She asked me questions about my lifestyle, health, etc.  And, in the end, concluded that it seems to be a good pregnancy.  After that, I had blood drawn in 8 vials! Oh my! They do a lot of blood work with prenatal care on post. I'm glad, though.  I feel better being on the safe side.

That was it for my appointment, though.  Everything seems good and looks good. So, now I'm booked for my next appointment on December 20th! At that appointment, I am supposed to get to see little bean on an ultrasound.

It all seems so unreal right now since I haven't had an ultrasound yet or heard baby's heartbeat.  I was hoping to hear the heartbeat today, but that's not how they do it there.  Instead, we'll do it all at my (roughly) 10 week appointment.

For now, I am glad to feel like everything is good and I pray that it continues that way.  The Lord is in control and I am continuing to learn to sit back and trust.

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