Friday, October 1, 2010

New Hair

Well, my love-hate relationship with my hair came to an abrupt end on Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m.  Actually, after school, I was talking to my mother and I hadn't been feeling very well.  She suggested that I should perhaps get a hair cut and maybe I'd feel refreshed.  And I honestly agreed with her wholeheartedly.  I actually felt like my long mess of hair was part of what was making me feel very blah.  

I got in my car and drove to a salon that I had been wanting to try out. I asked them if they take walk-ins, and they said that they will if there is enough time.  However, there sadly wasn't enough time for them to do it then (due to the fact that it was after work and that is when EVERYONE wanted an appointment).  So, I scheduled an appointment for Saturday, but I went away feeling disappointed.  I had really been looking forward to a haircut.

I tried looking up other places in my GPS, but I couldn't tell if they'd be any good because I knew nothing about them.  And the last time I had my hair done at a place here that I knew nothing about, I ended up HATING my hair.  I came down here in April or so for an officer's ball.  I wanted a nice, pretty, elegant updo that I couldn't do at home.  So, I found this place called UnKommen that was a UK themed salon.  I booked an appointment, and my hair ended up looking like this.
I wanted something pretty and elegant and I got something that made me feel like a boy.  I'm even getting upset looking at the picture again.  I had gotten this beautiful dress and a drab hairstyle.  I could have done better than that at home.

Anyway, so since I had had such a frustrating experience before, I wasn't taking chances on my hair again.  I went home.  I told my mom I was not going to get my hair done.  She suggested I at least look some places up online, so I did.  I found this place called D'Allen's and it had all ratings of 5 stars.  Everyone loved it there.  I called them and asked if I could please make an appointment.  Fortunately, one stylist agreed to fit me in.  WOOHOO! I was so excited.  She booked me for 6:30.

This left me with some extra time to find the length I wanted.  After googling various hairstyles, I landed on this one.
This was exactly what I felt I wanted! It was not too short, and I felt like a few layers would be a nice change.  Well, I couldn't be more happy with how my hair turned out!  After seeing this picture, my stylist suggested we might even want to try going for a similar color to the girl in the picture.

And, now don't expect me to look LIKE the girl in the picture, but this is how my hair turned out.  I'm very happy with it!


  1. LOVE the hair Becca! And you!:-)

  2. Awww! Thank you, Lea! I love you too!