Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday, my husband and I went to Petco to pick up some things for Amber, and we picked up something for Amber indeed.  We like to go to Petco better than Petsmart on a Saturday because 1.) Things are cheaper there and you can find good stuff on clearance and 2.) Petco is not flooded with dogs.  Petco has one shelter that brings about 4-5 dogs every Saturday, whereas, Petsmart has 3 shelters come and there are literally dogs everywhere.  It is so loud and chaotic that it gives me a headache.

Anyway, so I was over in the clearance section looking at various items when my husband got my attention and said, "Hey, here's a friend for Amber." I walked over and saw an adorable miniature dachshund.  I wouldn't have paid the dog any mind at first, but I started talking to them about her to find out many good things.  She had a good temperament, she liked children, she liked other dogs, and she was very quiet. So far, the quiet part has been very true.  I don't think she's barked even once!

Her original name that the shelter gave her was Emma, but we didn't want to call her that.  So, we went through several names.  I wanted to call her Snaps because she resembles my sister's pound puppy she's had since she was very small named snaps.  However, come to find out, she had a name.  My husband, for some reason, said "Chloe" and she came running.  Then I said, "Chloe, come" and she came to me.  Every other name we called her resulted in no response.  But Chloe was immediate.  So, either that or something close to it was her name.  Now Amber has a buddy and we hope things will continue to work out as great as they have started!

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  1. Chloe looks very comfy there with Amber. I like the name! She also doesn't look that much smaller than Amber-at least in these pictures. Is Chloe a little older than Amber?