Thursday, July 15, 2010

Product Review: Grapefruit FRESH!


Neutrogena has come out with a new line of cleansing products featuring the grapefruit.  I have tried a variety of facial and other cleansers only to find them pretty disappointing.  I was using a cleanser from Neutrogena before this that did almost nothing for my skin. I even tried Proactiv before only to break out in a horrible rash from it.

So, needless to say, I'm a little reticent when it comes to facial cleansers.  My skin is so particular that it either breaks out more, does nothing, or becomes dry, flaky, and itchy. However, something about the grapefruit appealed to me, although I can't say exactly what it is.  

Last week, I got this horrible under-the-skin blemish that led me to decide I had to find a face wash that would work for me.  I went to the store and purchased the new Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit collection.  

As soon as I tried it, I was beyond impressed! First of all, I can feel it cleansing as I am washing my face.  Second, I love the grapefruit smell.  It is so enticing that I actually get excited about washing my face!  I've been using this cleanser for over a week now and have nothing but good things to say about it.

First, I use the exfoliating cleanser. 
This left my face feeling fresh! And it isn't harsh at all.  It gently exfoliates the outer layer of skin, which is great for my skin type.  Exfoliating scrubs are usually the reason my skin ends up dry and flaky because the beads are too rough.  These are soothing get effective.

Second, I dry my face with a wash cloth.  I wet it again and then I apply the regular face wash.
I LOVE this one because it is so smooth! And the grapefruit smell is so fresh.  After exfoliating, it leaves my skin feeling soft.  

After using both of these products together, I have noticed vast improvements in the condition of my skin.  The large under-the-skin blemish was gone within two days.  The rest of my face is shiny and clear! Go Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit!

The only product out of this line that I wasn't that impressed with was the Body Clear Body Wash.
The body wash actually ended up causing breakouts for me more than anything else. Two out of three isn't bad though.  

Still, I would recommend the face wash to case anyone is interested. :)

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  1. Glad you found something that works for you Becca. I have been trying different things for years and finally gave up. Maybe I'll give this a shot, but for sure, I'll be heading to the dermatologist for help soon!