Thursday, March 11, 2010

Finding a Home for Hissy Fit

As far as I can remember, I have always had a special place in my heart for certain people. I honestly cannot explain why it has been those people in particular. I just know that my heart understood them and went out to them. My mother has said that I have never been "a respecter of persons." By this, she means that I don't judge people based on their financial situation, level of education, mannerisms, etc. However, I am (as are we all) a respecter of persons. There are certain people who I just don't understand. There are people who get under my skin.

Still, for some reason that is beyond me, I have been given a place in my heart for certain people. The first one that I personally remember is from when I was in the second grade. I befriended a girl with autism in my class. I didn't know she had autism. I just knew that most people thought she was too different to be worthy of befriending. Well, I felt for her. I also didn't understand why she had to be singled out. Sure, she was different. Yet, that stood out enough as it was. I didn't get why anybody had to draw any more attention to the poor girl. I remember distinctly showing her daily on the playground that she could do things she felt she couldn't. I would boldly go in front of her to demonstrate how there was nothing to be afraid going across on the monkey bars..and she would follow after me. She would be so excited with her accomplishments. Even though I felt for her, I also struggled with the fact that being her friend sometimes made me an outcast too. So, now something has to be mentally wrong with me for choosing to play with the "weird" girl? It didn't make ANY sense to me and still doesn't.

The next event that I recall was a girl I went to school with who people teased because of the way she dressed. That angered me to the core! I remember thinking, "So, you feeling like you dress well, look good, and act perfect isn't enough? You have to go and hurt somebody else and for what??" Like I said earlier, though, I was just given a pain for her. It wasn't as if I felt this way toward every person. It was just certain people. I tried to be a good friend. My pride got in the way because I didn't like being left out. As I grew older, I learned that I would rather be "left out" and given weird looks than know that I chose to ignore somebody who needed a friend.

More recently, I had this same feeling again except it was toward a kitten. My cat had 5 kittens. One of them I named Hissy Fit because he was constantly throwing some kind of a fit. People would see him and easily figure out which one was Hissy Fit. The four other kittens found homes pretty easily because they were a little more "normal." But, you see, Hissy Fit was just unsure of the world around him, and I somehow understood that. I saw him as nervous and a bit scared, but dying to break out of his little shell if given the chance. So, I chose to keep him with the mother. Without the litter to overpower him, he blossomed into a confidant little thing. Even though I wanted to keep him and the mother, I realized I couldn't do it with a dog and in this apartment. Every day, there was a mess and it was because the dog was always chasing the cats and getting into stuff. So, I reluctantly offered them up to a GOOD home. I was hoping that whoever got Hissy Fit would see the sweetness in him and understand him. Fortunately, the lady who came for him COMPLETELY understood. She fell in love with him instantly. She saw how he was a bit timid, yet, very loving simultaneously.

Isn't it good that God sees beyond our mess and loves us? Now, there's somebody who is not a respecter of persons.

(This is hissy fit in my lap) :)

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  1. Hey, this is too good!! I would love to forward it to the author that I am reading now, Nicholas Sparks. In the book I just finished, Three Weeks With my Brother, he talks about helping one of his sons who either has some autism/learning delays. I think he would appreciate reading this. Let me know if it is OK with you for me to do this.